Sunday, May 20, 2012

#330: Sandi Radomski

Radomski is an element of an almost uncountable horde of delusional woo-peddlers. Her particular brand is “Energy Psychology Treatment of Allergy-like Reactions”, and she is the proprietor of “Allergy Antidotes”. The technique? Applied kinesiology to alleged allergies or sensitivities to specific substances. With this tool, Radomski can diagnose a patient without an allergen sample – it is enough that the patient think about the substance. In other words, Radomski can help you figure out whether your illness is allergy related, and then you can pay her to remedy it – and the illness is allergy-related whenever Radomski wants it to be. A perfect scheme, and Radomski doesn’t even need to know how allergic reactions actually work (she probably doesn’t) to exploit it: “It is important that I am not referring to allergy in the strict medical definition of a histamine reaction […] I am viewing an allergy as anything that weakens the body's energy system.” Touché. And she cites woowielder Roger Callahan in support. More here.

Applied kinesiology is of course pure bullshit. In fact, not only are the claims so far removed from anything resembling reality that it wouldn’t be worth testing; researchers have actually tested applied kinesiology and – guess what – it doesn’t work.

The final part of the treatment regime is the laser spray: “The Laser Spray Treatment entails stimulating the reflex points on the ears, hands and feet with a laser beam to balance the body's energy system in relation to an energy toxin. The energy toxin can be a reactive substance, negative emotion or thought or traumatic scene. Slowly spray the laser beam over the entire ears (front and back), hands, and/or feet while the patient is holding or thinking about the energy toxin.”

Diagnosis: Idiot. Could be a fraud, but I am very unsure whether that would make it better or worse.

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  1. Isn't frustrating when people make preposterous claims that are beyond our mortal understanding. And more annoying when the damn placebo effect - whatever that is - seems to be operation making the treatment seem successful. If only other people were as bright as we are. Keep up the good work.

    E. Member of Flat Earth Society