Sunday, May 20, 2012

#329: Georgia Purdom

Purdom is a molecular biologist and young earth creationist associated with Answers in Genesis. Her view of science is summed up here, if you can stomach it. She is fond of the “different worldviews” gambit, and has pointed out (with Jason Lisle) that “[t[he Christian worldview accounts not only for morality but also for why evolutionists behave the way they do. Even those who have no basis for morality within their own professed worldview nonetheless hold to a moral code; this is because in their heart of hearts they really do know the God of creation, despite their profession to the contrary. Scripture tells us that everyone knows the biblical God, but that they suppress the truth about God (Romans 1:18-21)” – a good, question-begging (though that’s not its worst sin) premise for a fruitful debate.

She is a frequent contributor to AiG’s journal “Answers”. To vol.2 she contributed (with John Francis) the article “More Abundant than Stars”, rambling on about the fledgling field of “creation microbiology” in an attempt to review the literature. They proposed to classify microbes according to baraminological concepts (no experiments, data or evidence provided). She also contributed “The Role of Genomic Islands, and Displacement in the Origin of Bacterial Pathogenicity” – another review paper about bacteria without evidence, data or experimental results, and without any testable hypotheses presented – just a rambling rant on how bacteria adapts (but don’t evolve!). It ends, though, with the one substantial claim: “From the creation perspective, all bacteria were originally created ‘good’” (as in the “good” bacteria in our digestive system), then along came the Fall … and that says it all, doesn’t it? No evidence, just a peevish point about how “[a] creation model is needed to understand how bacteria become pathogenic in a post-Fall world.” Surely evolutionary theory won’t give us that, so evolution is false. (It seems like one of Purdom’s favorite pastimes is to confuse and contradict herself on the evolution of bacteria)

She was also, with Menton and Andrew Snelling, one of the AiG associates behind the op-ed designed to correct some “misconceptions” about them.

As a good loon, Purdom is of course able to take any strong evidence for a hypothesis to be evidence for a completely opposite one by applying the standard creationist data handling rules: distort, mangle, quote-mine, confuse and assert. She was an early critic of Richard Lenski’s famous experiment, entering the fray even before ultramoron Andy Schlafly launched his helplessly gomeric attacks.

Purdom has claimed that there is a direct link between evolution and the Holocaust – not in terms of the standard, refuted claims that Nazi ideology was somehow based on evolution (it wasn’t; it was hardcore and explicitly creationist), but because once you start compromising on the Biblical account of creation it is a step down the path to full-blown genocide.

Diagnosis: Moronic hackjob with a real education and a pathological inability to admit that evidence and data are kinda important in science. She’s diligent, and as such moderately dangerous.


  1. Your banner looks like a creeper

  2. I'm going to read her book.Galapagos Islands: A (way) Different View. I'm sure I'll find it hilarious.

  3. Read the book. It was everything I expected. ILMAO!

  4. A takedown of her blog entry on endogenous retrovirises by yours truly.

  5. A waste of an education. Suckling at Hams swollen teats to further this discredited,disproved bullshit. An outrage to all who appreciate reason and clarity

  6. Why don't you confront her science points rather than waffling on. People can't knock her science so they attack her biblical reasoning of the science. We are 85% like chimps and not 98% and I agree with her... A child can see more than a 2% difference. Science misquotes DNA that's the truth

    1. See my comment above. Follow the link. I had a conversation with her on endogenous retroviruses via Facebook messaging. After exchanging a few messages on the subject, she asked for citations of the scientific literature. I gave her this link, whereupon she promptly blocked me! Science to these people is like holy water to vampires.

  7. My takedown of her article on endogenous viruses (and more) has been moved to

    For more on this subject, click on "ERV FAQ".