Thursday, May 17, 2012

#327: Randall Price

Price is the founder and President for World of the Bible Ministries and a prolific author. He seems to have a real education, but is currently Distinguished “Research Professor” and Executive Director of the Center for Judaic “Studies” at Liberty University. World of the Bible Ministries is an organization that, according to themselves, do “research in the biblical lands and educating the public on archaeological, biblical issues and the Middle East conflict through books, media, and conferences”. He is most famous for fielding an expedition to Turkey to find Noah’s Ark in 2009. Too bad Ron Wyatt already found it (of course, Price peevishly had to point out that the Ark purportedly found by a Chinese expedition in 2008 was fake after being thoroughly scammed by them; also here. It does at least tell you quite a lot about the level of scientific credibility his “biblical archaeology” can flaunt.

Diagnosis: Total moron and proof that critical thinking ought to be part of the curriculum for any college education but isn’t. Probably harmless by himself, but Liberty University is a genuine force of evil.

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