Thursday, December 31, 2015

#1558: Christopher Doyle

There’s something obviously and deeply sad about “ex-gay” activists, to the extent that even despite their often despiccable behavior we almost feel a bit reluctant to include them in our Encyclopedia. But here you go. Christopher Doyle is an “ex-gay” activist with Voice of the Voiceless and Richard Cohen’s International Healing Foundation, and he feels mighty oppressed (just look here) by the non-“ex-gay” gays. According to Doyle, gay rights activists are communists. Therefore it’s their own fault that countries like Russia, Uganda and Nigeria have passed severe anti-gay laws: “Gay activists continue to play the victim card around the world, but their story is getting old,” according to Doyle. The laws in the aforementioned countries are enacted “as a response to gay activists’ intolerance towards traditional views on marriage and sexuality, and their attempts to silence the speech and beliefs of those who disagree with them. These activists are largely succeeding with their goals in Western countries, and are now importing their Communist strategies into other non-Western countries to achieve global dominance.” Yes. Just like the Jim Crow laws in Southern states, enacted in response to intolerant civil rights activists. Or women in abusive relationships who just can’t stop complaining – it’s their own fault, and the abusive husband is really the victim of intolerance and attempts at silencing him.

When Exodus International shut down and its leader Alan Chambers admitted that reparative therapy doesn’t work, Doyle demanded that they apologize to “ex-gays” like himself for shutting down and renouncing sexual orientation conversion therapy. Here is Doyle’s “expert defense” of ex-gay conversion therapy.

Doyle was also the guy who organized the disastrous 2013 Ex-Gay Pride Month and Ex-Gay Awareness Month.

Diagnosis: One can’t help but feel some sympathy for Doyle. Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a bigoted lunatic.

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