Friday, December 2, 2022

#2595: Michelle Brannick

Chiropractor Nicholas LeRoy used escharotics to treat a woman’s cervical dysplasia after he lost his license. The consequence was that a woman lost her uterus. Escharotics is idiotic and dangerous pseudoscience but nevertheless popular among alternative medicine practitioners.


LeRoy did suffer some blowback for lying to his patients and treating them with dangerous quackery without a license, but that didn’t really stop him: Instead, he sold his practice to Michelle Brannick, whom he has been teaching everything he thinks he knows about treating dysplasia. LeRoy also continued to consult with Brannick on all cases until she was able to do everything the way LeRoy would have done them. And more women will suffer grievous injuries at their hands.


And Brannick is a quack’s quack. (We will cover LeRoy at a later stage.) Brannick is a licensed “Naturopathic and Chiropractic Physicianmis-educated at the pseudo-educational institution Bastyr, and she offers and recommends a range of nonsense and quackery. She is anti-vaccine, of course, and a fundamentalist conspiracy theorist: Her website contains numerous links to familiar conspiracy websites and resources, including Gary Null (Brannick apparently agrees with Null that all conventional medicine is a conspiracy to keep people sick) and the website Notmilk, which claims that Swiss cheese causes Alzheimer’s and milk protein is causes autism (as well as every other illness from cancers to colds). And of course she touts homeopathy, even claiming that homeopathic arnica 30C should be available in every household.


Diagnosis: Utterly deranged, and genuinely dangerous. Avoid at all costs.


Hat-tip: Harriet Hall @ Sciencebasedmedicine

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