Sunday, December 18, 2022

#2600: Morgan Brittany

Celebrity loons are generally trite, and Morgan Brittany is a faded B-list soap celebrity (Dallas) turned wingnut commentator and columnist for the WND. She is also a recurring guest on Hannity. There is something narratively satisfying about her fate.


Brittany hit her new career running in 2014, with posts e.g. about how the government was showingno urgency to stop [Ebola] from entering the U.S. and claiming that the perceived lack of efforts showed that Obama intended to use the disease to test out the non-existent FEMA coffins, declare martial law and seize guns. Why was there preparation being made for FEMA camps to house people in isolation?” wondered Brittany, since that’s the kind of stuff people like her wonder about. (Similar questions were asked by Laurie Roth, Steve Stockman, Rick Wiles, Mychal Massie and Erik Rush, for instance).


A similar ploy was apparently lurking behind the 2015 riots and demonstrations in Baltimore (after Freddie Gray was killed by the police), which according to Brittany were all “planned” by President Obama to privilege African-Americans above all others and usher in “the breakdown of our society.” Having stumbled upon the end game of Obama’s plan for a race war, Brittany concluded that if the Baltimore police officers who were indicted in the death of Gray were not convicted, then “perhaps Obama will have to institute martial law to preserve order, form a national police force and postpone the 2016 elections.” I don’t think the chaos in Baltimore ‘just happened’,” said Brittany. No, it didn’t ‘just happen’, we suppose. At least she was more assertive here than she was a year before, when she was just asking the question about whether Obama deliberately tried to stir up the situation in Ferguson to distract people from his latest executive order on immigration. She did explicitly state, though, that Obama wished to use the increase in child migrants to incite an anti-Obama revolution, which he could use to introduce martial law,” “confiscating our guns and ammo,” and create a “totalitarian stateand a long line ofmilitary arrests.


Together with Ann-Marie Murrell and Gina Loudon, Brittany authored the book What Women Really Want. We dare dismiss its theses without having read it.


More recently, she has focused on promoting COVID conspiracy theories and anti-vaccine nonsense on Twitter.


Diagnosis: Yeah, whatever. Just forget her, shall we?


  1. (...) an anti-Obama revolution, which he could use to introduce “martial law,” “confiscating our guns and ammo,” and create a “totalitarian state” and a long line of “military arrests”.(...)

    These idiots always accuse the other side of what they intend to do when they someday come to power.

  2. Everything you said about her is probably true. Even Bobby thought she was a scatter brain!

  3. "Just forget her, shall we?" No problem! I had never even heard of her.