Monday, December 26, 2022

#2602: Ted Broer

More wingnut conspiracy theories! And whereas last post’s David Brody, say, at least make an attempt to appear reasonable to those who don’t know better, Qanon conspiracy theorist Ted Broer is unconcerned with such airhead fripperies. According to Broer, America has been “duped” by its corrupt and compromised elected representatives; indeed, explains Broer, most members of Congress have been “compromised” by their involvement in things like pedophilia and human sacrifice and have indirectly handed control of the country over to Lucifer.Over 50 percent of Congress – in my opinion, probably closer to 70 percent – has been compromised or is being controlled in one way or the other.” If you feel that he missed an opportunity to provide sources for his estimate, you have sort of misunderstood how the minds of people like Ted Broer work.


They have basically given control of the government to the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about. They have, in turn, taken this military industrial complex and they have given it over to the CIA. The CIA has given it over to the Sabbatean Kabbalists … These are the Druids, these are the ones that were taught the ancient forms of worship by the fallen angels. These are the bad guys that run the planet and they, in turn, have given over their control to Lucifer to control the energy field around the planet.” Yeah, those darn druids. One may wonder about the unnecessary middlemen, though – why not give control right over to the druids? That, we suspect, is one of the questions Broer wouldn’t quite understand the point of. “It’s all to control the thoughts and the minds of everybody on the planet,” concludes Broer, who has at least determined to avoid such a fate by ensuring that his mind is completely isolated from any part of reality.


Also, fluoridation is really a Nazi mind-control program.


Now, we haven’t bothered to actually listen to the radio show he runs with Austin Broer (presumably a relative or husband), but we’ll include the blurb for the latest episode we could find – it probably gives you the flavor:


Episode 1830 - Who are the weirdos supporting Biden? Pseudo President gets massive blowback due to speech from Hell. Modern Psychiatry is demonic! AR 15’s vs F 16? Think Afghanistan. An excellent open letter to Biden. How the media was censored. The schools are perversion indoctrination centers! California power grid is a mess. Country Star dropped due to his wife’s correct anti-woke comments. Plus much more. High energy must listen show.”


We’re assuming that Ted Broer is identical to the nutritionist and health-and-supplement woo author who has published a number of books on weight loss, appeals to nature and GMO conspiracy theories. In any case: don’t listen to any of the nonsense that falls out of nutritionist-Broer’s mouth either. Insofar as they are the same, they seem to have walked a long journey from faddish but boring food pseudoscience to zeh-lizard-people-are-trying-to-use-nanobots-to-5G-charge-my-precious-bodily-fluids, but it is a pretty natural development – there was never any affinity for reality in any of his thoughts anyways. It really isn’t that surprising that Qanon, white supremacy views and unhinged pizzagate nonsense are to a large extent promoted by self-declared nutritionists, yoga teachers and weightloss gurus these days.


Diagnosis: Relatively minor, we suppose, but he makes a lot of noise. He is really a rather sad figure – at least the Qanon people at the top, like the Watkinses or Coleman Rogers, get to produce the bullshit. Think how sad it is to be a consumer of it … then again, it’s clear that Broer actively uses his imagination freely to add color and fluff.


  1. Yeah, those pesky demons and darn druids!!

    I also have no sources to offer but I would bet good money that, if asked, most people would reply in the affirmative that Congress is both corrupt and compromised! That belief is as American as baseball and apple pie!

    1. People do have tendency to slam government agencies and groups like the House or Senate, but as soon as someone slams THEIR congressman or Senator, it's "But he does so much for us..."

    2. He may, indeed, have a point about our elected representatives being corrupt, but even a broken clock is right twice a day (unless it's digital).

  2. " field around the planet.”

    He didn't specify what kind of "energy" surrounds our planet of the apes et al., but if he does not mean quantum energy, then I am very disappointed with his ignorance.