Saturday, January 15, 2011

#126: Joseph Farah

One of the real movers and shakers behind the moron movement, Farah was the founder and chief editor of WorldNetDaily, with regular columns from luminaries such as Pat Buchanan, Pat Boone, Chuck Norris, Tom Tancredo, Phyllis Schlafly, Alan Keyes, David Limbaugh, Jerome Corsi and others. He has also worked closely with Rush Limbaugh, writing parts of his books for him – and he has written his own books, such as Taking America Back and the Tea Party Manifesto. You get the idea.

He is an avid creationist, sometimes seeming to want to top even Answers in Genesis for sheer ignorance and lunacy.

He is also an avid adherent of homeschooling – officially because children will purportedly get better education not tarnished by liberal brainwashing; less officially because children will not be exposed to science that isn’t obviously consistent with the Bible (i.e. the King James version – everything else is heresy). As he said: “What’s happening in government schools today is nothing short of child abuse.”

And he is a strong supporter of Biblical Taliban and an avid proponent of full-scale war on Islam.

He is most famous of all, however, for being one of the biggest supporters of the birfer movement, usually claiming rather openly that he thinks Obama was born in Kenya and thus ineligible as president (he claims that he only wants the president to procure proof of citizenship, but makes it abundantly clear that no evidence would satisfy his standards). It isn't just that Obama wasn't born in Hawaii – it's that he wasn't even born to the woman who claims to be his mother. Obama was, in fact, born to the woman who claims to be his grandmother and his mother is really his sister.

The “fact” that Obama is not born in the US is not the only reason he is ineligible as president, however.

Farah is also at war with Wikipedia (compare here and here).

Obviously, he is a theocrat (rightwing; compare “America will never again be a free country until it ends the income tax. I'll bet you agree with that statement. I'll bet a referendum on ending the income tax would be approved by 75 percent of the American people -- maybe 90 percent.” and “We cannot ignore that a libertarian society devoid of God and a biblical worldview would quickly deteriorate into chaos and violence.”) Of course, the argument is strengthened by the fact that it is premised on God intervening and actively punishing America if we go against the commands of the Bible. Besides, the Founding fathers never supported the separation of church and state (taking a full DeMar here; facts are irrelevant as long as you think of Jesus when talking). And he doesn’t like gays (this argument against gay marriage has to be savored); nor Ann Coulter, since she is apparently not anti-gay enough. Point is (of course): gay marriage will, necessarily, undermine civilization (since, of course, there is no difference between recognizing gay marriage and prohibiting straight marriages and straight sex).

But it is still abortions that constitute maybe the biggest threat to … the Constitution: “If Roe v. Wade is...the law of the land, then the U.S. Constitution is null and void. There is simply no other interpretation.” (task: try to reconstruct the tacit argument there …)

On a completely different note, he thinks that people who consider waterboarding to be torture to be unable to distinguish right from wrong, because considering waterboarding to be torture means that you want the radical Islamic terrorists, and liberal pro-science evolutionists, to take over the US. See also this one.

He is, in short, the king of wildly misdirected, ignorant, contentless outrage.

He did, however, think that the Conservapedia Bible project was a little over the top (we'll return to that).

More here.

Diagnosis: The face of unhinged lunacy itself, this guy is too insane even for people like Michael Medved. This guy can hardly be topped. But he is doubtlessly dangerous, and the Worldnetdaily does, believe it or not, have sympathetic readers.


  1. 'Cause a guy who deliberately rocks the 'Vincent Price impersonating Jack Nicholson' look knows *all* about the faces of evil.

    At least he's getting on in years. He'll die soon enough.

  2. That was the most entertaining article I have read in a while! I still haven't stopped laughing! Ignorance, lunacy, birfer instead of birther. Wow that Joseph Farah must be the equivalent of whoever/whomever (anonymous) posted this article/screed. LOLOLOLOLOL Rolling on the floor laughing until my sides are hurting. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  3. A huge thank you for the entertainment!

  4. I wish there were more Joseph Farahs' in the world. At least when he critiques he uses facts and not baseless, hateful diatribe as I have seen here. Yes, he is popular and his readership grows daily. Truth has that certain ring that I can see from the above smear that you people haven't a clue about. Sounds like jealousy to me.

  5. KimC4444: "At least when he critiques he uses facts and not baseless, hateful diatribe as I have seen here." A fantastic claim. I guess the error Farah's fans commit is to think that "Truth has that certain ring". It doesn't. Truth is uncovered by painstaking research, evidence and solid reasoning. Intuition and one's own personal bias (i.e. accepting claims one thinks intuitively sound right) are awfully poor guides to truth.

    Oh, and the diatribe is not baseless, KimC4444. For each claim we provide a link to pretty solid evidence supporting that claim.

  6. I think you are misaprehending KimC4444's objections. You see, you are intrpretting the term 'facts' to imply some kind of correspondence between his claims and objective reality. What she is saying, however, is that she agrees with him, and therefore you are stupid and smelly and she can't hear you, lalalalala, why are you moving your lips and no sound is coming out? Also, you are going to hell.

    And as for your devil-links, they probably all lead to your dirty communist porn. Of course she's not going to click them! Research is for flip-floppers! If you change your mind, you're weak, and she's not going to change her mind, so why worry about your so called, liberal-biased, 'reality'?

  7. I was exposed to Joseph Farah in his larval stage as publisher of the Sacramento Union. We all watched as he drove a once credibly conservative newspaper into the depths of right-wing insanity. Now he has emerged as a butterfly of teabagging splendor at WND, still crazy after all these years.

  8. And just to emphasize where Farah's coming from, see where he recently went.

  9. Ah, you could sort of have seen this one coming.

  10. This one is just to point out that we haven’t forgotten Farah. There’s a decent Farah resource here.

  11. More magnificently, delusional, hyperbolic crazy here

  12. And here we have a true battle of intellect. Watch Joseph Farah pit himself against Joe "the Plumber" Wurzelbacher here. Though Wurzelbacher is too dense to count as a winner, Farah was clearly the more abysmally idiotic moron here.

  13. Here's Joseph Farah on Alex Jones show. Priceless.

  14. If you wish to see (for whatever reason) how Farah reacted to the 2012 election, these two should give you an idea:

    - Here he gives almost incontrovertible evidence of voter fraud.

    - Here he explains how he used George Clooney to hook women voters since women, unlike men, cannot make up their own minds (as shown by the fact that they statistically speaking don’t agree with Farah). Apparently that is pretty close to voter fraud as well.

    What is his solution? Well, secession, of course.

    Finally, here he offers some particularly delusional and ignorant arguments for young-earth creationism.

  15. Farah proclaims that the end is near.

    It may have something to do with Obama’s efforts to grab his guns in a ploy to end liberty, install tyranny, and apparently arrange mass murderings.

    At least Farah is standing up to him, despite Obama’s efforts to silence his dangerous critics. Farah’s delusional heroism is well described here.

  16. Farah asks the pertinent question: Here he claims that evolution and environmentalism is to blame (because, well, he doesn't have any data, per se, but ... you know). Here he blames Obama. Finding a statistical correlation is ... Oh, forget it.

    Here he counters accusations of poisoning the well. No one, Farah claims, is tastelessly comparing Obama to Hitler. Then he compares Obama to Hitler.

  17. Farah has said something stupid again.

    His slightly inflated self-image comes to shine here.

  18. Farah responds to critics the way wingnuts are wont to do. His inability to accurately assess matters is also brought to shine here, where he claims that protecting gays and transgendered people from discrimination is "bigotry". And here he even manages to call Rush Limbaugh the "conscience of America".

    That said, he has been sort of consistent (but still abysmally stupid) on Ted Cruz.

    And if you want an apt illustration of how the WND works, this one is pretty good.

  19. This is actually pretty revealing with regard to what Farah thinks is important (hatred). It’s all about hatred. Presumably its government’s hatred of ordinary people (self-projection, of course) that makes them wish to deny health care to people in order to create a society characterized by dependency and serfdom. And he has what he thinks amounts to more or less proof that Obama is evil: Obama watches House of Cards. Indeed, it is God who is hardening Obama’s heart, just like he did to Pharaoh.

    Here is a report from the October 2013 values voter summit, which was more or less an orgy in self-victimization, delusional paranoia and persecution complex. (Also here.) Here is his entry for the Bryan Fischer award. His lack of self-awareness is also on rather prominent display in his attempt to argue that Ted Cruz being Canadian-born is no problem for being president. Which is fine, though Farah is, remember, a birther.

    This, though, may, as Ed Brayton points out, be the platonic ideal of a Joseph Farah column.

  20. I don't want to celebrate too quickly, but this counts as good news.