Friday, January 21, 2011

#135: Hugh Fudenberg

Digging a little into the Wakefield scandal - you know, the thoroughly discredited study cited by the antivaxxers as evidence that thimerosal in vaccines causes autism because it claimed to have found a link between the MMR vaccine (which, by the way, has never contained thimerosal) to autism - Hugh Fudenberg’s name pops up.

And guess who the source is for the blitheringly ignorant Bill Maher’s ridiculous claim that having the flushot five years in a row raises your chance of getting Alzheimers a tenfold?

Fudenberg is a licensed medical doctor, but has had severe problems retaining his license due to his very dubious autism treatment regimes (also prior to his involvement with Wakefield) – he ended up “retiring”. Currently, he runs a nonprofit "research" organization, Neuro Immunotherapeutics Research Foundation, through which he still (well, as of 2005) pushes dubious remedies for autism and charges $750 per hour for “review of past medical records". He actually seems to have been respectable once, but appears to have plummeted into the outer reaches of loon in the late 1980s. As should be obvious, his claims linking flu shots and Alzheimer’s are unsubstantiated.

The guy has a page at, for crying out loud. And he is apparently a creationist.

Diagnosis: Whackaloon. The darkside distorted version of the old, befuddled but good wizard, Fudenberg has turned into a cackling old crackpot. Not a mover and shaker, but not completely harmless either.


  1. chaospet is not correct and fails to investigate further!!! Fudenberg was at the top of his field until they came after him for his opinions?!?!?!?;
    According to chaospet link, Fudenberg was not charged for his challenging research and opinions about vaccines which was contrary to the establish knowledge which makes things suspicious. Drug companies have a lot to lose in terms of profit and liabilities ad infinitum if Fudenberg is proven correct as is now happening in Italy;
    The FDA now admits in court case that vaccines still contain mercury;
    The BMJ (British Medical Journal) admits that fraud case against Dr. Wakefield has no basis in fact;

    In the end people can believe whatever science is their flavor, but putting on a Fascist coat and boots to try and jab the rest of the world to satisfy a pyschosis is not the answer.

    1. That Italian court ruling was overturned on appeal
      Go and read the original court documents and you will see that the FDA did not admit that. Natural News lied.
      THE BMJ did not admit that. Go to the BMJ and see if you can find that admission anywhere. Natural News lied.

  2. I agree.. just because he has purposely been mislableled, by the people that don't want us to know how they are poisoning babies and us with vaccines.. does not mean he has no credibility.. You are wrong in being the messenger of misinformation, and posting something like this, on a man who has been peer reviewed on over 800 studies.

    1. Why? WHy someone would do such a effort to poison others? Where is the profit?