Friday, January 21, 2011

#132: Walter Fitzpatrick (and Carl Swensson and the AGJ)

Some people seem to live their life happily in parallel universes, somewhat like the bad guys in Wrong Turn or Deliverance. Barely literate, they have their own little militia camps where they can thump their Bibles, arrange secret meetings in old Skeeter’s hayloft and complain about the lizard men, communists and chicken thieves.

Walter Fitzpatrick III, a retired military officer, is just one of several of these nutballs who have written “presentments” against Barack Obama for citizen grand (show) juries (meetings in Skeeter’s hayloft), and now demands that the local sheriff takes action and go out and arrest the president. “AGJ” stands for “American Grand Jury” – that’s what they fancy themselves – and is one of several such nutball organizations.

Fitzpatrick’s claim that there isn’t even a question about Obama’s eligibility as president. Why? Because he’s not a natural citizen, of course. He was born in Kenya … or something (it is a little unclear, insofar as Fitzpatrick’s screed isn’t entirely coherent). He also accuses Obama of treason. Read the thing here.

Now this is a relatively common occurrence, but this particular case set a rather bizarre chain of events in motion. Some weeks later Fitzpatrick marched into the Monroe county courthouse in Madisonville, Tenn., and attempt to arrest Grand Jury foreman Gary Pettway for official misconduct (Fitzpatrick had previously tried Pettaway to act on his and Carl Swensson’s (another AGJ leader) charges of voter fraud during the election, something Pettaway was unwilling to do). As one expects, the incident ended with Fitzpatrick being arrested instead.

Now for scene 3: Carl Swensson, claiming that Fitzpatrick had “put his life on the line for us [… like] our founding fathers” and was now on a hunger strike. He urged his followers to march on the courthouse, get Fitzpatrick out of jail and make sure justice is served.

A number of people responded to the call, among them Darren Huff who loaded up his truck (emblazoned with the Oath Keepers logo) with his colt and his AK-47 and set off for Monroe to arrest the county officials – “domestic enemies of the United States engaged in treason”. Of course, Huff didn’t get far – he was already being monitored by the FBI, you see (can you imagine why?)

You can read the story, with commentaries, here.

The AGJ website is here.

It is quite a read. See, for instance, one retired lawyer, Leo C. Donofrio, argue for the legitimacy of the AGJ.

Or, go to their archive and read the presentments written by luminaries such as David Rachel (Florida), who writes to judged Lamberth, accusing him of wimping out on prosecuting Obama for being a fraud – Rachel is at least content that Lamberth will, eventually, be judged by God. Or the grievance letter to Lamberth, a petition with 3181 (electronic) signatures, organized by one AGJ member Norman Abbott. Or perhaps Norman D. Caron (who seems to have serious issues) accusing “Barack Obama, aka: Barack Obama, Jr., aka: Barack Hussein Obama, aka: Barry Soetoro, aka: Barry Obama, aka: Barack Obama, presumed President of the United States” of fraud and treason.

One Armando Carranza seems to have been industrious. Daniel Hunt, however, seems more lost, but indicted Nancy Pelosi as well because, well, probably because he doesn’t like her (she may be the grand master behind the conspiracy. Obviously). Maggie Passaro apparently had difficulties with even delivering her presentment and was offended by an agent who referred to Obama as a citizen when clearly he is not. Sally Borghese delivered a presentment in Michigan, and Monica Sanders was obviously dissatisfied with congressman Wittman, who apparently seems to do nothing about her complaint (“[he] might as well join the Democrats as far as we are concerned”).

It’s a pity the sanity side of the debates is so much less persistent.

Diagnosis: Bizarre

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  1. It's actually a bit interesting that the story won't really die; now Corsi has revived it in the WND, but with a spin - he uses it to illustrate what he thinks is a government-led conspiracy against, well, every wing nut in the US.