Friday, January 21, 2011

#133: Gerald Flurry

Flurry is the founder and Pastor General of the Philadelphia Church of God (PCG; (visit the website here), based in Edmond, Oklahoma, and presenter of the television program The Key of David, editor in chief of The Philadelphia Trumpet magazine, and founder and chancellor of Herbert W. Armstrong College in Edmond, Oklahoma. It is taught within his church that Flurry is That Prophet, a divinely appointed successor to Herbert W. Armstrong, akin to Elisha after Elijah. Or something.

In his magazine Flurry writes an article in each issue detailing how America is falling apart because her youth do not follow his interpretation of God's values. This includes but is not limited to articles on how Universities undermine America's values: “American colleges and universities actually encourage people to indulge in SOME OF THE MOST REPUGNANT IMMORALITY IN THE HISTORY OF MAN! We lead the world to sexual immorality” (Flurry is a fan of random capitalization). Sexual interaction between consenting individuals at universities represent “SOME OF THE MOST IMMORAL ACTS IN HUMAN HISTORY”, right after the invention of science. In short, sex is the cause of the downfall of America.

Apparently, God was also responsible for the Haiti earthquake because the people there weren’t Christian enough – if you think of it, Flurry is actually a couple of notches more insane than Pat Robertson, though less influential. Oh, and Germany is ruled by the Nazis – that is, the old Nazis, since they survived WWII and are still running shop, apparently (visit the website here). He is really scared of Germany.

He also publishes “Malachi's Message to God’s Church Today” and distribute it to as many Worldwide Church of God (Armstrong’s original churcn, which Flurry broke away from and apparently thinks is the devil) members as possible. According to Flurry, Malachi's Message is the “little book” of Revelation 10, a part of Revelation hidden by God until 1989.

Members of PCG are not allowed to associate with heathens (especially not members of the Worlwide Church of God), and there is a requirement is for Armstrong College students to remove themselves from all social networking sites, especially Facebook and My Space, because they risk coming in touch with heathens there. All of Flurry’s sermons are distributed locally on CDs which are subsequently destroyed after everyone has heard them (you are not supposed to listen to them twice; (this is a website for a competing sect, apparently)).

Notorious members of PCG include Dennis Leap and Andrew Locher.

Diagnosis: Yet another clinically insane Messiah-wannabe cultmaster (PCG is a small cult empire, in fact); he has a fair share of followers, actually, though his impact is minimal beyond those. Stay far, far away from this guy. Lots of people in Internet discussions seem to agree that he is mad, mostly for the wrong reasons.


  1. i strikly agree gerald flurry is a dangerous individual i know family members that i tried in with this idiot..originally he was indicated in a scheme that the irs took his treasurer to task about and his treasure had a warrant for arrest which he blantly refused to question is when is this man going to give out black jumpsuits and offer another heavens gate scenario...note the first thing a cult leader has his followers do is break off all contact with family & friends remember jim jones??? beware i have been monitoring this psychological menace since the inception of his church and by the way all the members of world wide church of god were intimated to join him by foisting his original book malachis message to an unsuspecting congregation by members of wwchog stealing membership roles and giving them to gerald flurry..any family members or friends should be aware of the psychological danger of this

  2. WAY TOO MANY Scripture verses taken out of context, one "main" reason to KNOW the Word of God (The Bible)through the Holy Spirit for yourself.Pray earnestly for Bible clarity and understanding, so that you will hopefully and prayerfully NOT be deceived, as Mr. Flurry and others were. God help us ALL.

  3. I found a disgusting article where he attempted to portray the slain Trayvon Martin as a criminal, implying that had he been punished for being a criminal, he would not have been murdered. His arguments make no sense.

  4. Removed from MYSTERY OF THE AGES - "No prophets are mentioned as having either administrative, executive or preaching functions in the New Testament Church." And, speaking of prophets, "of which there are none in God's Church today since the Bible for our time is complete." Why would he do that?

  5. He just changed the doctrine about the ‘stone of destiny!’ Saying it is no infer with the British Royal Family that it’s now a ROCK that Mr Srmstrong used to stsndbon to pray which was found out in the woods somewhere! And that when Jesus returns He will land in this rock that his his church has! He says that an Angel sat on his bed with him! He is a Jim Jones, David Koresh type of dangerous man!