Friday, January 28, 2011

#141: David & Mark Geier

A.k.a The Batman and Robin of autism woo

The Geier father and son tag-team is a horror-filled legend among those who have gazed into the abyss of woo and altmeds. The Geiers are the creators of the dangerous and heinous Lupron therapy, a scientifically thoroughly discredited treatment for autism based on the thoroughly discredited assumption that autism is related to vaccination, mercury, hormones, and gut integrity. In some more detail, lupron is a very potent anti-androgen used as a form of "chemical castration" for men with prostate cancer, for women with uterine fibroid tumors, and a few other rare medical conditions. The Geiers speculate that the thimerosal in vaccines causes autism, that androgens such as testosterone potentiate mercury toxicity, that chelation therapy can help, and that Lupron is a useful adjunct to chelation. Complete bullshit, of course, even though the Geiers have managed to get some papers into low-tier journals.

Mark Geier is a physician but has no expertise in pediatrics, endocrinology, vaccines, or autism. His son only has a bachelor’s degree in biology; yet he assists his father in his “research” and in essence helps him treat patients, despite his lack of medical training. Together they must be ranked among the founding fathers of the mercury militia. A disturbing number of parents has not only fallen for the Geiers disturbing abuse of autistic children, but have even paid big bucks for having their childresn subjected to what is in essence chemical castration using a powerful anti-sex hormone drug. The treatment is apparently so bad it does not even count as junk science, and it took the mainstream media a surprising amount of time to notice (here, and here). The protocol and its ghastly implications are spelled out in some detail here. In their “studies” they fall into virtually every pitfall there is, even such simple things as confusing correlation and causation (here, here, and here).

For a discussion of this and related (autism is poisoning) ideas, see this informative article.

Diagnosis: These deranged pseudoscientists ought seriously to be tried for crimes against humanity. They are extremely dangerous and continue to pose a serious threat to the welfare and well-being of children.


  1. As of yesterday, Mark Geier's Maryland medical license was suspended in an emergency action based on complaints about the Lupron therapy.

  2. Which means that at least some of their power may be broken. More on the latest turn of events here.

  3. Just as an update - Mark Geier's license has been revoked in Maryland, Washington, and Indiana, and suspended in Virginia and California. David Geier was found guilty of practicing medicine without a license in the state of Maryland, and fined $10,000 (not enough, in my opinion).

    1. You should be ashamed of yourself for publishing this. Your DIAGNOSIS is laughable, sick, twisted and dangerous . The only people who should be tried for crimes against humanity are people like paul Offit and their ilk in the pharmaceutical industry propagating mass poisoning of our children. Utterly clueless or a paid pharma shill. How do you sleep at night?

    2. You are a bit late for the party, aren't you Antivax? I will be very direct: I live in a tropical country. Lack of vacination kills some hundreds of people here, so please stop defending this human trash.