Sunday, February 7, 2016

#1589: Tricia Erickson

Tricia Erickson is a former Mormon who achieved a little bit of notoriety during the 2012 presidential elections for her not-entirely-well-hinged criticisms of presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Erickson, who is President of Crisis Management, Inc. and Angel Pictures & Publicty [wait …. What?], basically claimed that if Romney were elected it would lead to the Mormon church taking over America. The thing, of course, is – according to Erickson – that as president Romney would still be controlled by the priesthood of the Mormon Church, just like any Catholic president would be under the mind control of the pope and every president is controlled by the Illuminati. The “goal of the Mormon Church, through the Mormon Kingdom of God,” according to Erickson, “is to bring the United States government, this is true, under the rule of the priesthood, the Mormon priesthood.” Shockingly, and completely unlike other religions, “Mormons believe that they are the only true church,” so therefore their “ultimate goal is better serve their agenda by being able to rule and govern before the millennium actually takes place and the Mormon Church and its corporate empire, assets and resources will be the chief element in the millennial overthrow of the United States government.” And so on, and so forth.

We “cannot afford a Mormon experiment,” said Erickson: “[I]f this man does not have the judgment to be able to discern fact from fiction on the most basic things like the horrifically false religion that he’s in […], then how do we trust the judgment of this man to put him at the head of our country with everything that’s going on?”

On other issues, Erickson tends to take the position you’d expect her to take. She doesn’t fancy homosexuals, and in response to the Supreme Court decision (you know which) penned an article “Supreme Court Defies Reason, Constitution and God by Declaring Homosexuality to be Marriage,” which doesn’t exactly suggest that kind of insight or intelligence that invites us to read beyond the headline. She also blamed the Charleston shootings on the “racially divisive” Obama, cause that’s totally reasonable. For the 2016 election she threw her support in for Trump since, as she described it in a WND (where else) column, he is a modern-day Nehemiah, anointed by God to protect America from the Muslims.

Diagnosis: You can figure this one out yourself, can’t you?

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