Wednesday, February 24, 2016

#1604: Sally Faubion

The art of psychic readings have entered the new millennium, as they say, and a quick iTunes search will give you hundreds of numerology apps and thousands of astrology apps. There’s no particular reason to single out the apps produced by Sally Faubion Concepts, but to cover this junk in our Encyclopedia we needed an example and coincidence gave Sally Faubion the honors. Bad karma, I suppose.

Faubion has already given us such marvels of innovation as:
  • Forecast Wheel, a prophetic roulette that rolls out fortunes that are as sophisticated and profound as an average fortune cookie, such as “your financial and social status will improve when you marry;”
  • Meaning of House Numbers, which will apparently give you a house’s prime selling or purchasing price; and
  • Cosmic Mates, which at $3.99 will teach you the “secrets of your personality and destiny” – it’s basically an electronic version of the paper fortunetellers you may or may not have made as a kid, no joke.

Other than that, she has apparently written a book, Motivational Numerology and How Numbers Affect Your Life, which appears to contain a delightful combination of New Age religious fanaticism and corporate newspeak. At least she sums herself up pretty well: “I call myself the Dr. Phil of numerology because I’m so incredibly honest and forthright,” says Faubion.

Diagnosis: Ok, the Dr. Phil comparison might indicate a certain awareness of the level of bullshit she peddles, but we suspect that she is as hilariously and jaw-droppingly oblivious as it demonstrates if taken at face value.

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