Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#1592: Lee Euler

I think this is him, but it is a little hard
to identify him among the stock
photos of people in lab coats
("doctors") and "happy patients".
Lee Euler is the editor of the online newsletter Cancer Defeated, where he promotes articles like “Natural miracle prevents up to 99.4% of tumors” (how do you test for prevention at such a degree of exactitude, you might wonder but you know the answer) and “Cancer Clinics No One Will Tell You About” (no one, in fact), as well as books like “How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at home for $5.15 a Day”, “Breast Cancer Cover-Up” and “The Missing Ingredient” (about some ingredient in your diet that will cure most of your problems – you have to buy the book to find out what it is; even altmed-susceptible reviewers on amazon were less than impressed). It really isn’t necessary to go on, is it? The quack Miranda warning is at least reasonably prominently displayed on his website. Apart from that he’s got anecdotes, platitudes and conspiracies. This is spam.

Diagnosis: Who on Earth takes these things seriously, you might ask? Well, presumably only people who are scared or desperate. Lee Euler has chosen his prey wisely.

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  1. I take him seriously. Having studied the statistics on conventional treatments and hundreds, if not thousands, of others like Lee, the evidence is quite compelling. The current state of medical treatment is sorely lacking and even Hippocrates, to whom the medical establishment swears their oath, states, "Let Medicine be thy food and food be thy Medicine." Not only did I study these treatments, I used them to overcome my prostate cancer and survive without the side effects normally encountered. As a caveat, I did have partial chemo and radiation treatments before stopping midway through upon learning of these much less damaging, and in many cases, more successful protocols.