Thursday, May 7, 2015

#1361: Bruce Bedinger

Hardly significant in the grand scheme of things, but Bruce Bedinger is at least vice-president of the River to the Nations Ministries in Winston-Salem. And he’s a creationist. According to Bedinger, the perceived lack of transitional fossils is not only a major problem for the theory of evolution, but something that school textbook authors and publishers nefariously neglect to tell students as part of a plot to fool them into believing in evolution. Instead, according to Bedinger, the fossil record reveals the sudden appearance of new species. And – also according to Bedinger – this discovery has led to the development of a new version of evolutionary theory called “punctuated equilibrium,” which Bedinger thinks is a version of the creation story of the Bible. Also quote mining.

Diagnosis: Village idiot. We need to cover some of those as well.


  1. Timothy Buchanan (author of anti-secular screed The Boobonic Plague)
    Morgan Brittany (wingnut actress and WND pundit)

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  3. I found your blog through some excellent comments you made some years ago; great blog, as well. Thanks for your efforts. I've generally been unable to write more than a couple of posts a year myself, in the past (and those on random, insubstantial subjects), so to see the lengths you've gone to in order to provide a catalog and criticism of the loons proliferating in the U.S. -- well, it's impressive, and I'm glad someone is doing it!