Thursday, June 18, 2015

#1392: Norman "Rod" Block

Chiropractors range from the almost-respectable near-physiotherapeuts to the deranged zapfdings lunatic medieval alchemist types. Chiropractors who advertise chiropractic treatments for pets seem to fall pretty consistently in the latter category, and Norman “Rod” Block exudes the respectability of spam mails offering discount drugs. In his book Like Chiropractic for Elephants he claims to have “an uncanny touch sensory perception that allows him to connect with the person or animal he comes in contact with [like this?] … It is then that the animal senses his intention of wanting to help and releases inhibitions that allow discovery of where the root cause of the pain, stress or pressure may exist … The doctor uses his uncanny ability to tune into the root cause of animal states of disease without the use of drugs or surgery.” The title of his book presumably reflects Block’s membership in the International Association of Elephant Managers.

Apparently Dr. Block supplements his understanding of the vertebral subluxation and his sensory abilities with something he calls “Quantum Shamanetics.” Oh, yes, there is quantum. “The quantum shamanist learns to trust and be guided by universal wisdom that exists beyond our genetic blueprint. By being part to, and observing, movement, one becomes more sensitive to subtle changes in energy. By following these dynamic changes, the shamanist develops a more expansive relationship with the flow of life and health.” Yes, that kind of quantum theory – the kind.

Of course, Block is not the only one to offer vitalistic gibberish for your pets. For instance, one Dr. Steven Eisen, a chiropractor who calls himself a “Holistic Dog Cancer Expert” has a book and series of web videos explaining how to circumvent the advice of real veterinarians and instead treat canine cancer with dietary measures and avoiding vaccines and parasite control products. Eisen is also known to respond to scientific disagreement over his recommendation in manners familiar from the realm of committed crackpots.

Diagnosis: Pseudoscientific gibberish aimed at the most gullible adherents of magical thinking, once again showing that there is no limit to what some people will take seriously.


  1. Hey, it worked for Mr. Spock and the Horta...

  2. Anyone cruel enough to treat canine cancer with dietary measures deserves to get bitten.