Thursday, June 25, 2015

#1397: Gary Boisclair

Gary Boisclair is a village idiot and acolyte of Randall Terry who is most famous (well, if at all) for mounting a primary challenge to Keith Ellison – despite not having lived in Minnesota since 2003 – on a platform that, well, seems to consist primarily of not liking muslims (his campaign ad was removed from youtube for violating their policy on shocking and disgusting content). Otherwise, he is most familiar from his anti-abortion campaigns with Terry, for instance when he donned a chicken costume to protest the Supreme Court nomination of Elena Kagan (“Pagan Kagan”).

Boisclair’s primary complaint was that Ellison swore his oath of office on a copy of a holy book full of religious tribalism that threatens unbelievers with horrible fates, and of which Boisclair said that if its religious commands were followed they would be incompatible with the US Constitution. Indeed, some proponents of Ellison’s religion, Boisclair alleged, may be extremists who want to make those religious commands governing principles for the US. We clearly can’t have that, can we? – anymore than we can accept pagans on the Supreme Court! Think of the Constitution.

Diagnosis: Good grief.

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