Saturday, June 27, 2015

#1398: Ty Bollinger

As you probably know cancer is a target for quackery like nothing else, and Ty Bollinger has, over the years, managed to make something of a name for himself in cancer quackery circles – at least to the extent that his name pops up now and then when truly insane woo is the topic of discussion (for instance in the stories of Chris Wark or Judy Seeger). Which is why, of course, he appeared at The Cure to Cancer Summit in 2013, a quackfest conference like no other (well, like Autism One), I suppose). And Bollinger seems to be into it all. If you, for any reason, should happen upon his blog at (and there is not a non-deranged reason in the world why you would), you’ll find posts on laetrile (no less), pH quackery and sodium bicarbonate cures, all of it with more than a hint of everyone’s Robert O. Young (who may not attend the 2015 version of the Cure to Cancer Summit, if there is one) and Tullio Simoncini.

Diagnosis: Just stay away, will you?

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