Thursday, November 19, 2015

#1523: Jeannie DeAngelis

Jeannie DeAngelis’s qualifications include being a mother and being a grandmother, and she writes about politics (or whatever) for American Thinker, RenewAmerica and, at least occasionally, Breitbart, focusing on issues that ostensibly reveal a lot about … well, herself, mostly. For Breitbart she did for instance throw a fit because Obama had an iconic Norman Rockwell painting installed temporarily in the White House. According to DeAngelis “The President’s taste in artwork indicates that America’s ‘post-racial president’ may be secretly nursing a deep-seated wound.  It’s either that, or he’s uninterested in fostering unity.” Indeed, “Barack’s behavior has exposed yet another example of his duplicitous insincerity.  Because when it comes to the ‘ugliest [religious] episode in U.S. history,’ the President has been more than willing to extend the same level of forgiveness and understanding to Muslim Americans that hanging Norman Rockwell’s disquieting painting deprives white America. Choosing to present such an explosive representation of prejudice toward blacks outside the office of an American president is on par with the message Muslim Americans might get if Obama displayed a painting of September 11th hijacker-pilot Mohammed Atta preparing to crash into the World Trade Towers.” Certainly the analogy does tell you something about DeAngelis’s mind. Then there is this one.

Apart from that, she covers the usual stuff, from global warming denialism (a conspiracy) to accusing Obama of forcing companies to subsidize abortions through Obamacare as part of a concerted effort to eliminate Christians – according to DeAngelis, Muslims are exempted from the health care mandate because Obama is really on their side; he “acquiesces, without question, to the tenets of the Koran.” And, after lamenting the ills of contraception (and gay marriage), she concludes with a rhetorical question “as to why a President so focused on controlling so many Americans’ reproductive habits.” No, self-awareness is not her strong suit. And commenting on an effort to photoshop the Obama family onto a picture of a chimpanzee family, DeAngelis had to ask “why, in some circles, does an image of a monkey instantly evoke racial overtones?” Well, I don’t know how to answer that one in a manner that would make the answer intelligible to her, but can we at least wager the bet that DeAngelis doesn’t have many black friends?

Diagnosis: I have no idea what she’s smoking, but at least it gives her few inhibitions when it comes to exposing her own deranged psyche to the public. 


  1. Norman Rockwell isn't American enough for this lady. Wow.

    1. Yeah, one of the best painters of his time. How SHOCKING. LOL I think she needs a lobotomy if she hasn't already had one.

    2. Yeah, one of the best painters of his time. How shocking? I remember seeing it when I was a little girl, I thought it was cute. Come to think of it, I still do. She needs to get on her meds.

  2. Well, this coming from the extreme Left must be quite a compliment. Obviously, she is doing something right. it's always good to see Leftists annoyed by the right! Love it! Keep up the great work, Jeannie!