Saturday, March 5, 2016

#1613: James Fitzgerald

Oh, yeah: The end. It’s near again. It’s been a while since we’ve seen one of these in the wild. Perhaps it’s because they are these days rather hired by certain types of wingnut media, such as the WND, to talk about blood moons or sell survivalist gear. James Fitzgerald got one of WND’s trademark advertisments-disguised-as-opinion-columns after having written a book, The 9/11 Prophecy, which claims that 9/11 was the beginning of the last days. His argument is primarily that “Jesus specifically taught that his followers would be able to recognize this period once it began,” and he is currently recognizing it and is a follower of Jesus. Yes, the argument has some shortcomings, as does his interpretation of Bible verses, but you know. Thanks for playing, James.

Diagnosis: Tinfoil hat idiot. Probably harmless to anyone but those who love and care about him.

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