Friday, March 11, 2016

#1618: Lawrence Ford

Lawrence Ford is the former Director of Communication for the Institute for Creation Research and editor of their magazine Acts & Fact (he wrote the editor’s column, for instance, a job now done by one Jayme Durant) and other ICR publications. Ford was also in charge of the ICR’s various promotion efforts in social media, including (it seems) both the Twitter and the Facebook account for the ICR. It is unclear why he eventually left the ICR, but he seems to have done so at some point in 2012.

To be honest, most of his stuff seem to have consisted primarily of parroting the conclusions and errors of other ICR-affiliated writers. Like some of his fellow fundies, he does appear to think that listening to scientists – and in particular, scientists disseminating the theory of evolution to others – will land you in hell, for “[t]he basic conflict of the ages is between the two worldviews of evolutionism versus creationism,” as the late Henry Morris used to say. Ford also thinks that scientists and scientific institutions like the Smithsonian are persecuting Christian scientists by failing to promote creationism, which even according to him is based on a dogmatic reading of the Bible and not on the deceptive testing-and-modifying-hypotheses-all-the-time approach favored by science.

Diagnosis: Until recently a relatively powerful force in the creationist movement as an administrator and organizator, even though he doesn’t seem to have made many, uh, science-related contributions to the efforts. We have no idea what he’s up to now that his tenure with the ICR appears to be up, however.

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