Sunday, March 27, 2016

#1630: Aaron Fruh

More anti-gay ridiculousness, this time from Aaron Fruh, an Alabama pastor who seems to be treated as an authority on the issue of homosexuality by the American Family Association and who was picked up by Janet Porter’s coalition Israel: You Are Not Alone, which is campaigning against any concession Israel might make to the Palestinians on the grounds that giving Palestinians land or rights is a direct cause of terrorism.

Fruh claims that any society that has failed to oppress gays has been destroyed by God: “So when it comes to civilization and society, God knew that the people of the earth were going to destroy themselves through same-sex marriage,” said Fruh, “so that’s why he brought the flood.” So just you dare! Like so many others Fruh also claims that marriage equality is actually “heterophobic” because it discriminates against heterosexuals and “against the unborn children who will never see the light of day if you revise the historical, moral and legal view of traditional marriage.” In other words, he appears to believe allowing gays and lesbians to marry means taking away heterosexual couples’ right to marry and have children, and that banning homosexual marriage will make homosexuals enter into heterosexual marriages instead. In fact, marriage equality is the “height of bigotry,” and gays and lesbians are “hateful and malicious” toward married heterosexuals (yes: he takes advocacy of gay marriage to be a direct attack on him for being non-homosexually married), but his arguments make it rather abundantly clear that Fruh doesn’t really understand what it means to be “hateful and malicious” against groups of people, or what “bigotry” involves.

Diagnosis: Fruh has emphasized that “I don’t consider myself homophobic,” but it really doesn’t matter how he considers himself. Fruh is abysmally homophobic. And angry. And evil.

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