Friday, March 18, 2016

#1624: Keith Fournier

Yes, this is familiar territory, but we still need to cover it. Keith Fournier is the editor of Catholic Online, a former attorney with Pat Robertson’s American Center for Law and Justice, and head of the Common Good Alliance, and he does not like homosexuals. And since he is a loon, Fournier has channeled his dislike of homosexuals into paranoid conspiracy theories, expressed for instance in his columns at Matt Barber’s website Barbwire, where he has claimed that same-sex marriage will lead to as much violence as China’s Cultural Revolution, which left millions dead and which is what zeh gays are aiming for in the US, ostensibly because they are murderous. He also described anti-gay activists as the “true liberators” and “advocates for a society of human flourishing and freedom” who are preventing the “cultural slide into the abyss of relativism,” because he has realized that he can really just make words mean whatever he wants them to mean and that his audience is as crazy as himself. That’s also why allowing gays to marry is anti-Christian discrimination. Meanwhile, those who disagree with him and notice what he’s saying are “spying”, no less.

At least he has the dubious honor of being the author of one of the most embarrassing arguments against gay marriage ever: Yes, his piece contains the common claim that since “homosexual sexual acts” can “never be the equivalent of marriage,” therefore the existence of homosexuals undermine marriage, but the novel move is his point that it doesn’t matter whether there exists any genetic disposition toward homosexuality, since there may be genetic dispositions toward obesity as well; so “[s]hould we as a Nation decide that fat people have a civil right to be fat? Should those who insist that they resist that ‘genetic predisposition’ to overeat be called Fata-phobic?” Yeah, just think about that (Fournier evidently didn’t).

Here is Fournier on the Kim Davis affair – his main claim being that Davis’ oath to uphold the laws only requires her to uphold the laws that were in effect before she was sworn into office (just think for a moment about how ludicrous that idea is) – ending with a call for a “Christian revolution”. (You can find a nice list of deranged wingnut legal misconceptions about the Davis case here.) And here is Fournier being miffed that Ireland overwhelmingly voted to legalize gay marriage, threatening the Irish that Fournier’s bully friend God will come and beat them up if they don’t agree with him.

Honorable mention to his namesake Ray Fournier, a public school teacher and homeschooling activist in North Carolina who has called out public schools for being “concentration camps” that turn kids gay.

Diagnosis: There really isn’t much more to say about this one. A delusional, angry, evil and hateful monster, but we doubt that his nonsense carries much influence beyond the usual suspects.

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