Thursday, December 1, 2016

#1754: Linda Moulton Howe

Another legend among UFO enthusiasts, Linda Moulton Howe is a ufologist and “investigative journalist”, and a mainstay on the Coast to Coast AM radio show and the Ancient Aliens TV series. She is in particular associated with cattle mutilation nonsense, starting with her 1980 documentary A Strange Harvest, where she investigated what she concludes to be unusual animal deaths (but really a mix of hearsay and the readily naturally explainable) caused by “non-human intelligence and technology”. Her conclusions were based on careful investigation of the evidence after ruling out, prior to investigation, the possibility of a natural explanation. She followed up with more “evidence” in the 1989 book Alien Harvest. Howe also claims to have seen secret government documents that supposedly prove that aliens are mutilating cattle, abducting people and generally flying around military bases. Indeed, in 1983 she was shown a secret presidential briefing paper that revealed how “extraterrestrials created Jesus” and placed him on earth “to teach mankind about love and non-violence” (but apparently also randomly mutilate cattle). The documents were allegedly shown to her by Richard Doty. We have covered Doty and his documents before.

Howe runs her own website called “”, which charges a subscription fee of $45 a year to access her body of work. Some of it, however, has been published in reputable journals disseminated in radio programs hosted by luminaries like Art Bell, George Noory and Whitley Strieber. That material contains, in addition to cattle mutilation tripe and reports of “unexplained” lights and sounds reported from all over the US:

  • “Bigfoot DNA”: Melba Ketchum (to be covered) apparently has proof that Bigfoot exists.
  • “The Return of Ezekiel’s Wheel, based on recent “eyewitness sightings”. 
  • “Pyramids Discovered in Alaska and Turkey”: “Immense structures not only built, but used in some unknown way for a thousand years.”
  • Missing Time: Howe has managed to unearth “a rare case of documented missing time”.
  • Unknown objects in our skies. What are we NOT being told”: Yes, the government is conspiring to deny the presence of UFOs, for the usual nebulous reasons.
  • “The Rendlesham Code”: Howe investigates endorses a UFO contactee’s claims to have telepathically downloaded binary code numbers from aliens.
  • Project Serpo: Yup, Howe fell for that one, to no one’s surprise.

Howe also does crop circles and a variety of other environmentalist conspiracies (eg. colony collapse disorder and Monsanto).

By the way, the aliensdidit “explanation” for cattle mutilations seems to have received some competition from even more exotic hypotheses. Tom Bearden, for instance, thinks the “mutilations are the physical manifestation of the whole human unconsciousness which is somehow aware that the Soviets will, probably within three years, invade and destroy the Western world;” so there is that.

Diagnosis: Crazy, but her most characteristic trait seems to be that she’s amazingly gullible and will fall for anything you serve her if it concerns UFOs – unless it is based on reason and evidence, of course.

Source for much of this entry: The Rationalwiki article on Howe.


  1. Do you have a degree in psychiatry? Because practicing sans a license is not legal. And you are very fond of sticking labels on people. Unless you have examined them and have medical credentials of some kind, this sites makes no sense. If you think they are nuts, why are you bothering with them? This is the kind of muckracking bullshit blog written by someone who won't reveal who they are and why they write that makes me want to knock them down :)

  2. Early on in her 'journalism' career, Howe apparently discovered any easy meal ticket in pursuing UFO "investigations", especially if it involves flogging 'gubmint conspriacies'. But for anyone seriously interested in the whole phenom, she's just another crackpot exploiting an already 'fringe' subject... and she seems to be getting worse with age!

  3. After a few years of watching Linda Howe's website, EarthFiles. I have come to the conclusion, she is either a government miss information op, in which she promotes the likes of Spartan 1, a so called under cover intelligence whistleblower. She also claims Jesus was created by a group of Aliens to help mankind be more loving and kind to one another. She being an animal lover like myself. I must ask this question. If this was the case, then why did the so called secret information she read, not include the sacredness of ALL life on planet earth? The Jesus "Yeshua the Christ" I am very close too, was sent by The Eternal All, the creator of all things good and holy. And, Yeshua was sent to earth in the flesh to re-establish once again, the humane teachings of the sacredness of ALL life.

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