Wednesday, December 7, 2016

#1757: Lowell Hubbs

A.k.a. “TruthStorm”
A.k.a. “TruthEducation”
A.k.a. “Anti Vax Warrior”

Small fish, but worth a mention. Lowell Hubbs is an online troll whose mission is to spread FUD about vaccines and vaccine safety. Hubbs has no education or experience in any relevant field, but tends to repeat standard antivaxx tropes and conspiracy theories, claiming for instance that all vaccines are unsafe and ineffective (that better sanitation and nutrition, not vaccines, account for the decline in vaccine-preventable diseases, which is almost as delusionally ridiculous as flat-out denying gravity); instead, vaccines apparently lead to autism, asthma and SIDS. To hold those views, you also need some serious conspiracy theories, and Hubbs is not afraid to go there (“I like, its a great site containing more real history than I know you can actually deal with,” says Hubbs; is a frequent source of his information, apparently): In 2011 Hubbs even concluded that his site,, had been taken down by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. It wasn’t.

Of course, Hubbs thinks that his claims are backed up by science, but seems genuinely not to understand the difference between a scientific study and a blogpost on a conspiracy website. He does complain, though, that his critics seem not to bother to review his work. His ridiculous nine vaccine questions addressed to non-loons are addressed here. Many of his antics are covered here.

Diagnosis: Hubbs is really not anything but a trivial troll, but he is a rather active one and his impact on civilization, if not major, is certainly not beneficial. 


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  2. I would think you could come up with something better and more believable for lies than that crap, Shay Simmons. So, all you can hope to do is keep twisting it; and just like this blog page is full of nothing but lies and false claims. You trolling shill posting only get more pathetic.

    And as to the 9 questions page I created, all that has taken place so far is the further throwing of personal attacks at it. Beyond the reply page I created in response to Antonio Baduy Cámara, and his actually failed attempt to answer those questions; all he can do and all they can is continue throw false claims and personal attacks at it.

    1. As a fact Antonio Baduy Cámara has not been able to respond to this, other than to use his facebook page to create multiple reply personal attacks against me. I was of course disallowed to post any reply comment on the Skeptical Raptor site, and as well disallowed to counter with a reply on his facebook page.

      9 Questions For The Pro-Vaxers

      My response to Antonio Baduy Cámara, and the blog Skeptical Raptor, as to their response to 9 Questions For The Pro-Vaxer's

    2. And that is correct, I am the person you are lying about in this blog article above.

    3. What lies? Do you have an education? No? Okay then. You're literally the fucktard who tried to claim the pertussis component from DTaP shed. To date you have yet to produce evidence dead pathogens can breed.

      And more to the point the issue of you being a brain addled alcoholic who got arrested for shoplifting herbal supplements and stealing a bike. The bike you already explain that it LOOKED abandoned, by a bar, you were getting drunk at. And more over your 3 DUIs but the last one was a conspiracy because you couldn't possibility be drunk drinking Miller from 8am to 6pm then drinking in a bar. I'm sorry but while I can accept some error on a breathalyzer the blood draw showing you over the limit means you were FUCKING over the limit after drinking all FUCKING day.

      Now most of us can figure out the whole not drinking and driving thing. The few of us who don't tend to figure it out after the first arrest. It doesn't take 3 times and we don't play the game of "it's not my fault I was drinking all day it was a conspiracy".

      For the future pickle head when you say "full of lies" please cite which things are lies. Not that we think you're not full of shit or anything.

  3. Everything you stated is a twisted and sick lie, and in regard to that you really don't know the truth of, and as to what you stated. This is the existing and sick desperation level of the pro-vax, denying the vaccine harm done side, and in all its sick and putred, glory.

  4. Hilarious how obsessed the vaccine crowd is with dishing on this Lowell Hubbs. And are they sad enough to go on public data search sites to look anything they can about his background or life? I also noticed lots of argument to the man there.

  5. Hey Mr smart editor with no identity, lets see if you can even begin to address any of this directly?

    Vaccines & Autism: How the Media Lie about the 1998 Lancet Study
    by Jeremy R. Hammond | May 7, 2018 |

    The Callous Disregard website was up online for years, but somehow has been down the past few months. Below is the way back machine link to the long list of research studies that was on that site and which largely support and even replicate the findings in the well known Wakefield and co-authors, 1998 Lancet study

    Callous Disregard - Research References

    Here is a list of 27 studies from around the world which have confirmed Wakefield’s findings - that the MMR is causing gut and intestinal issues in these children and perhaps (again further research needs to be done) is contributing to autism:
    1 The Journal of Pediatrics November 1999; 135(5):559-63
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  6. So check out the new site url?

    9 Questions For The Pro-Vaxers

    My response to Antonio Baduy Cámara, and the blog Skeptical Raptor, as to their response to 9 Questions For The Pro-Vaxer's

  7. Hey, Jesus H. Christ?

    Check it out, and you said there was no study evidence?

    ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-TWO (and counting) scientific studies on vaccines and SHEDDING: