Monday, December 12, 2016

#1760: Christopher Hudson

Christopher Hudson is a pastor of ForeRunner Chronicles (FRC), an independent, internet-based Seventh-day Adventist ministry. Apparently the official SDA church does not officially want to associate with them, but Hudson is still a regular lecturer at official SDA schools, preaches at SDA churches around the world, and has a show on the SDA satellite channel. The ForeRunner Chronicles is officially most concerned about Satan and the upcoming endtimes, but is probably best known for pushing a range of conspiracy theories, especially revolving around Freemasons and the Illuminati, and they have for instance claimed that Michael Jackson was really assassinated in a conspiracy orchestrated by the Pope and that Osama bin Laden was really killed in 2007 rather than 2011 since Bush really would have wanted to keep that sort of thing secret – that kind of group. The group had a brief stint in media spotlight when the actor Angus T Jones declared himself an ‘Adventist’, and promptly started spouting a string of delusional conspiracy views straight from Hudson’s youtube channel.

Hudson’s youtube videos include usual fundie wickedness, such as his multi-episode anti-gay “exposé” with the not-particularly-sophisticated title “Homo-Geniz-Nation”, in which Hudson atttacks President Obama for his “disturbing statements” in support of gay equality (Hudson doesn’t like the Affordable Care Act either, which he describes as a “carbon copy” of Hitler’s health-care policies, which it … isn’t). Slightly less mainstream, perhaps (though not in the context of SDA), is his anti-masturbation views: Masturbation is an “unnatural act” with “very serious health consequences”: men losing zinc through ejaculation, for instance, which causes them to have lower testosterone levels, and thus “feel less manly,” which sounds serious indeed. Indeed, ultimately the good citizens of New York City will turn to cannibalism and will eat their babies. “I’m not even playing. It’s just that serious,” says Hudson. It isn’t.

The most interesting conspiracy is the Illuminati/hip-hop conspiracy, however, of which Hudson is among the main proponents (well, among those who actually take it seriously, that is). Hudson is particularly obsessed with Jay-Z, and has even produced a whole documentary, “The Jay-Z Deception”, that seeks to explain how Jay-Z’s Blueprint albums are “markers in obtaining degrees in the secret organization known as the Freemasons,” which according to Hudson is a Satan-worshipping cult. Apparently Kanye West and Rihanna are also involved.

Diagnosis: Deranged maniac, and you should really never have anything to do with him. The SDA is, indeed, plagued by fringe idiots like Hudson, but we are unable to ascertain whether they are more plagued by this than other branches of Christianity.


  1. No matter if this man is insane or not, what about the WEIRD promotion of illuminati symbols in the music industry? It is a real thing that anyone can see with the naked eye. Is it just some fad? What's the point of that? I was trained in literary analysis and it strikes me as a little odd and that is certainly does have an agenda and in fact parents have a right to steer their kids away from garbage that promotes unsafe and group sex and undignified concepts as well as portraying memes of sexual slavery and abuse in music videos.

    1. Brookek there are no Illuminati Symbols or Symbolism in Hip Hop or Rap Music as the Illuminati lasted from 1776 to 1789 were all athiests, and they thought that religion produced barking mad individuals who were so paranoid they saw things that are clearly not there