Thursday, October 7, 2010

#70: Jack Chick

Among the more notable loons in our encyclopedia, this amiable fellow is a firmly entrenched acolyte of the abominable William Branham. Jack Chick is of course the guy behind Chick Publications. His tracts deal with various aspects of the Christian faith, including the principles of tolerance and love as well as the Catholics' satanist conspiracy to overthrow God's reign on earth (the Jesuits, in particular, created the Qu’ran, were responsible for the Holocaust, communism and the current conspiracy that controls American media). He doesn’t like evolution either. A representative example is here. The most popular tract is, apparently, this one. I also have a soft spot for this one.

Back in the day, Chick used to draw the tracts himself. Today, they’re mostly drawn by Fred Carter, who is considered covered for the purposes of this Encyclopedia.

Endless hours of indulgence and fascination can be spent rummaging through his backlog. Do visit it.

I am not going to go through in detail the omniprescent homoeroticism in the tracts. Check it out yourself. A longer biography of Chick can be found here.

The topics vary, but many of them are concerned with God-fearing murderers and rapists ending up in Paradise because they accept the Holy Spirit, whereas the good guys go to hell. Other common targets are rock music, witchcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, astrology, Ouija boards, Evolution, Jews, Muslims,Teenagers, Science (including gravity, which Chick apparently thinks is an atheist myth), the Easter Bunny, North Coreans, the Tooth Fairy, Santa (the message is a little muddled), the Washington Monument, Native Americans, Freemasons, the UN and Satanic books (Tolkien and C.S. Lewis) - among other things. This guy’s got a whole lot of hate and fear to share. There is a documentary available as well.

Diagnosis: Possibly the most deranged loon in the Western hemisphere. His tracts are widely read, but probably not by the intended audience. Life would have been much duller without people like Jack Chick.


  1. Interestingly enough, I just blogged about how this Grade 3 boy was told by his school to stop handing out these Jack Chick tracts. A parent said they were violent which sounded interesting because the boy was allegedly handing out tracts opposed to the violence of Hallowe'en -- how ironic! After my post, I was contacted by the boy's father who is a big advocate for Chick tracts, so we had a debate.

    Perhaps you'd find these posts to be interesting: Jack Chick tracts: two blog posts exploring why they are inappropriate for kids

    Thanks for the work you did on this entry. What a character!

  2. Chick's tract on global warming is discussed here.

    1. I saw this last Saturday at a service, I was really going to throw up after I watch it all

  3. I too have a soft spot for his material, and I have a large Chick collection which also includes the Alberto Rivera Story and the Crusaders.

    There are lots of Chick parodies out there, but the best in my opinion is Devil Dolls by Daniel Clowes

  4. I threw all of them in the trash