Monday, October 18, 2010

#86: Robert Haig Coxon

Robert Coxon is associated with Kryon, which has been previously covered. According to their website, Coxon is “undoubtedly one of the great composers reincarnated. If you are looking for a perfect blend of New Age and classical music, this is it!” Apparently the musician behind the Kryonites (an important part, it seems), Coxon also has an “interest in trying to test music scientifically... finding where the interdimensional parts are that touch and heal people, as he has seen his music do, for years”. Coxon has, according to the bio, had several no.1 hits (although the bio is reluctant to add the disclaimer “on Canadian New Age Charts”).

Yes, you’ll hear other musicians making grandiose, flaky claims for their music as well. Coxon, however, takes the dimensionally transcending-, channeling- and healing potentiality-talk literally. Listen to his music, and it’ll literally transport you to a different dimension and literally heal your diseases. His website is here.

You can buy his products here.

Diagnosis: Snowflake; harmless but profoundly looney.

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