Monday, October 25, 2010

#89: Robert Crowther

Well, the possibly mythical David Crowe, if he exists, is allegedly Canadian, so we’ll move on to the annoying crackpot Robert Crowther, Director of Communications at the Center for Science Culture (part of the Discovery Institute) and contributer to the Discovery Institute blog “Evolution News and Views”. Pretty much a stock loon, in other words. He was – predictably – very excited by the Expelled movie in a typically clueless manner.

Crowther has, in other words, not a clue about science or critical thinking, and commits all the usual fallacies (thinking that hard questions for Biology are evidence for religion, strawman fighting, red herrings etc.), and has no problems with just making things up. Good at moving goalposts, and has a serious persecution complex. Doesn’t like the peer review process, since it favors evolution over religion.

Calls himself a libertarian agnostic, but is of course nothing of the sort (a theocrat).

Diagnosis: Obsessive crackpot with little grasp of critical thinking. As expected. While Crowther isn’t the biggest profile of the Disco Institute, he’s part of an organization that must still be considered dangerous.

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