Monday, October 25, 2010

#88: John Crowder

Crowder is the leader of The New Mystics, who believe that people should be "drunk on the holy spirit" and therefore basically act like morons all the time. Here’s a brief introduction.

For a more thorough introduction, you can suffer through the whole ecstasy of God series.

Their website is here. Among Crowder’s associates are his wife (I think) Lily, and the incorrigibly idiotic Benjamin & Stephanie Dunn (“junkies for the word of God”), and Dave Vaughan (of the New Ecstatics). The equally insane people at Deceptionbytes (C. Peter Wagner and Chuck Pierce?) think it is blasphemous, of course.

Diagnosis: Back slowly away. By following these links you’ll enter an almost endless maze of worm-pits of delusion and insanity. These people are scary, and influential enough (I assume) to be considered dangerous. This one sums it up nicely.

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