Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#85: Martin Cothran

Fellow traveler with the Discovery Institute creationists, global warming denier, shill for James Dobson and Pat Buchanan, sycophant who defends Buchanan’s holocaust denial while at the same time accusing Obama of being an anti-semite.

A staunch opposer of gay marriage (claiming that it’s not really a question of marriage, since marriage by definition is between man and woman) and an affiliate of the hardcore fundamentalist group Focus on the Family. Theoconservative.

Nothing particularly notable about these views, of course. What makes Cothran notable (for the purposes of this Encyclopedia) is the fact that Cothran is a logic teacher (at a small private school) and has written an Intro to Logic textbook. One would have to conclude that Cothran the logic teacher is a real, living Chinese Room. He is further discussed here.

Diagnosis: Stock loon and bigoted theocrat. Unimportant and hardly notable were it not for his background.


  1. Cothran also weighed in on the Gaskell attempted controversy with predictable cluelessness

  2. Here's Cothran trying to stay classy without being entirely successful.

  3. Here's Martin Cothran failing reason, truth, history, and association again. Moron.