Monday, October 18, 2010

#87: Don & Carol Croft

If you think our last couple of loons were a little low-key, with the Crofts we’re firmly back in tinfoil territory. Listen, for example, to this arbitrarily selected, bitingly convinced and well-informed little quote from Don (on the healing properties of gemstones): “There are books that can teach you the properties of gemstones and minerals and these properties are greatly enhanced by orgonite. My favorite, because it's based on a combination of intuition and empirical testing, is Michael Gienger's CRYSTAL POWER, CRYSTAL HEALING. I don't personally care much for channeled literature because there's no science behind it. Science and spirituality are inseparable, in my opinion. Leaving one or the other out of our personal life leaves us either materialistic or superstitious but when they're in harmony, we're
empowered and intelligent.”

Croft keeps using terms such as “empirical testing” and “science”. I do not think they mean what he thinks they mean.

Don & Carol invented 'tactical' orgonite devices called Orgone generators (as well as adding crystals to enhance their effect) named the Holy Hend Grenade (I’m not sure they get the MP reference), Towerbuster and Cloudbuster to deal with Chemtrails, HAARP & Death towers among other applications (Laozu is opening earth energy vortices with TBs), as well as inventing an orgonite zapper, and energy weapons to deal with the dark side attacks. Orgone energy is apparently “possibly the same or similar to life force energy, chi, or prana”. If you remember, this is really Wilhelm Reich’s idea (here; see our entry on Alan Cantwell). The Crofts are etheric warriors you see, zealously engaged in battles against powers only they can see (though they do claim it’s taking a lot of lives). The best evidence of the power of orgone energy in combating the ruling Nazi parasites is apparently deduced from the way they murdered Dr Reich, and burnt 6 tons of his books, journals and papers (seems a little weak to me, but OK). That there is such a Nazi-conspiracy controlling information is proven by the fact that the original Wikipedia page was deleted, as was the entry for Don Croft. That can only be a conspiracy, right? The Crofts are, in other words, among the ur-tinfoil-hatters and into both the chemical conspiracy and the HAARP conspiracy. And of course they have their own site(s), including one that describes their adventures (among other things their realization that the Red Cross is a masonic organization).

Most notably, though, is their campaign against cell phone towers. I guess most readers are aware of the completely unsupported and unsupportable claim that such towers are a health hazard, but the Crofts take it one step further. In Don’s own words, he “campaign[s] to help genuinely inquisitive people get past the falsely promoted idea that the towers are for cellphones […] They’re simply not; they’re for destroying the atmosphere and for making everyone sick. They’re also used to target individuals in the population in conjunction with GPS.” The evidence? “Dr von Peters, who spends a lot of time teaching in various medical schools in Russia, told me unequivocally that he's seen absolutely NO death towers in that country, though everyone has a cellphone.” In other words, these towers simply must be part of a conspiracy to kill innocent people. Luckily orgonite is an antidote, so the Crofts and their followers will stay untouched. A perfect system, in other words.
Don and Carol Croft also have a special affinity with cetaceans. Apparently dolphins are some kind of ethereal safeguarding angels of something, unbound by the laws of this world. Don Croft has, for instance, a video of dolphins manipulating gravity. A lot of dolphin stuff can be found here (this is fluffgobbling insanity gone wild, so be prepared).

Diagnosis: Totally beyond reason and sanity; utterly unhinged. They can hardly be considered a major threat to humanity, however.


  1. I looked at the Crofts again. Try to think of their claims outside of the context of the Encyclopedia for a moment. These people believe that dolphins are supernatural beings, and that they can fly. Seriously. They have long discussions about purported photographs of dolphins manipulating gravity. I am just now slowly realizing how batshit crazy these people actually are. In the league of the guy who claimed that digitalization of television made them self-conscious and that they are currently controlling people's minds. But that sounds more like he is having some actual, serious mental health issue.

  2. the american army is trying to understand how dolpins can travel super sonic in the sea using diodes unknown to the american army.
    Also you should know about the chemtrails what many american doctors say, they are the cause of morgellons!!! type morgellons and then rethink about Don and Carol!

  3. You, Blogger whom no one reads, are misinformed. The crofts did NOT create organite. It was created by a man named Wilheim Reich, who was killed by the government and his research and work stolen. The government uses this technology today. It was unearthed and redeveloped by the Crofts, who themselves have had several assasination attempts launched at them. If they have nothing and ARE nothing, why is this happening to them? Unless you have hard evidence that they and their products are "loony" and have no merit, then neither do you! Who are you to say what is and what isnt? Just another NOBODY, right who sounds a bit jealous if you ask me. Guilty as charged! No trial , no jury. HA

  4. HAH, almost all of the comments were from those who are awake. I just bought a couple of Orgonite generators, spent the last 10 minuted crying, the mood and atmosphere in my house just melted away back down to a spirit level. As the commenter above stated, EVERYWHERE on the Croft's website they freely and constantly refer to Dr Reich and his work, they merely like all good inventors tweaked his designs up a notch. There is a lot of DISinformation out there, like this blog, and all are probably set up by the Brothers of Darkness who do not want us to Thrive. Nano-bots in chemtrails, aspartame in gum and juices, fluoride in water supplies, does this even remotely sound like people (or not people) who want the human race to reach their ascension? Eyes wide open, brain inquisitive and heart tuned in, your heart wont fail you if your intentions are in tune with the goodness of the Universe/Source.

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  6. I may be wrong, but I don't think the loon community has a better broadcast outlet than WBAI (a station I managed many years ago), where a certifiable one named Geoff Brady holds forth every Monday night and the Croft family (the daughter is also a nut) are frequent guests. I make mention of it on a blog that is dedicated to bringing sanity back to WBAI.

    Here, with audio samples, are a couple of pertinent links.