Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#287: Andreas Moritz

Andreas Moritz was born in Germany, but has been living in South Carolina since 1998. Possibly the most rabid and crazy woo-champion in the whole of US, Moritz is a self-proclaimed medical intuitive, meaning that he uses intuition, confirmation bias, other ways of knowing, fallacies and sheer lunacy to justify his techniques, rather than evidence, fact, sanity or reason. He is also a practitioner of Ayurveda, iridology, shiatsu (warning, this is a link to the terminally moronic practitioner Laurel Botsford), and vibrational medicine. It all works by drawing on fluffy, religion-based phenomena that do not exist (chi, life-force, “energy”, and good ol’ balancing the humeurs). In fact, his “art” (chi-representation) “is imbued with light-encoded energies” that correspond to bodily organs. You see, Moritz wants to sell you his paintings, and these paintings have various healing powers. Looking at them brings about “very profound changes … in the life energy field corresponding to that organ.” More here. According to Moritz it’s the color that heals you. It does seem, however, that you have to buy the artwork – viewing a copy, e.g. on his website, doesn’t do the trick. So it isn’t the colors that do it, then, but the exchange of colors for money. Or something. Apparently it “activate[s] the codes within the DNA structure that are linked with total immunity to disease and full use of the body's enormous, but so far untapped, potential.” And “[p]hysics […] declares that the whole universe is nothing but vibration;” “Physics” here apparently denoting the raving lunatic occultist Albert Abrams (1863-1924).

Everyone has an aura. It cannot be measured by physical means. How Moritz knows about it given the impossibility of detecting it is left unexplained. But he sure gives you detailed claims about how it works (apparently Kirlian photographies must do the trick; the fact that they are proven to be bollocks is no hinder).

Moritz also practices Sacred Santémony, an ancient language the sounds of which remove the emotional blocks to recovering from your diseases and troubles (by applied kinesiology, apparently). It is shades of this language that are used by oriental monks to the same effect. The name for the language was given to him “by the higher dimensional being Merlin.” No kidding. The sounds can apparently also prevent bad things from happening in the future.

As for his more obviously sinister claims, Moritz claims that cancer is not a disease (in his book “Cancer is not a Disease - It's a Survival Mechanism”). Cancer is rather your body signaling that you need to change your self-perception and life style. The cancer cells are “wise”, you see. As evidence, Moritz asserts that 95% of all cancer cases heal spontaneously if no medical treatment interfers with such self-healing process (his source is apparently this one). Cancer used to be rare (true, since it is statistically most likely to affect the elderly, who simply were much rarer thousands of years ago, in addition to the fact that one had no means for detecting it); it is the modern unnatural lifestyle that has lead to its current popularity. Furthermore, Moritz asserts (without shred of evidence) that more people die because of therapeutic efforts than from their disease. These misconceptions are of course flamingly lunatic, but more importantly highly dangerous. More here.

Moritz is also the inventor of “liver cleansing” (according to himself, though Hulda Clark promoted the same method) to “flush” gall bladder stones, the cause of most evils in the modern world. The treatment consists of drinking a liter of apple juice every day, some magnesium sulfat, olive oil and grapefruit juice. Indeed, this mix will in fact build up soft lumps in the gut that look like gall stones, which will subsequently be flushed out. They have, of course, absolutely nothing to do with gall stones.

Moritz seems to be rather influential, and he seems to like to threaten critics into silence.

To sum him up with his own words: “[we] are now moving into a new era where magic will be the natural method of accomplishing our desires and where everything is possible so long as we believe and desire it to be so. Cost: $350.”

Diagnosis: For many practical purposes he could be counted as psychotic. One would hope, for the sake of humanity, that he was a fraud. But he does not seem to be. Extremely dangerous.

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  1. Are you on the SGU forums? There has been a thread about one of these 'cancer is not a disease' articles, though I don't know if Mr Moritz was the author of that one. One of his proponents was posting on the thread for a while, throwing quantum everywhere and wondering why we didn't just accept that.