Monday, February 20, 2012

#300: Dan Nuckols

Dan Nuckols cartoons for the glory of God. Yes, he is a cartoonist who uses cartoons “as a powerful communicative tool to spread the Gospel”. Since the Gospel is not particularly funny, some may think that it lends itself better to Jack Chick’s approach. Nuckols, however, actually does attempt to be funny. Many of the comic strips deal with “the evolution–creation controversy. The fact that he thinks there is a controversy here tells you quickly which side he is going to land on. Just to emphasize: Nuckols is notoriously unfunny and probably lands himself in the same camp as Dan Lietha. More creationists’ humor can be found here.

According to himself: “Nuckols' incisive wit sometimes can create quite a bit of stir with evolutionists and atheists. Critics will often criticize his humor, artwork, and intelligence, yet interestingly, they won't debate the points he brings up in his cartoons.” Fail.

Diagnosis: Unbelievably moronic fundamentalist with an utter lack of self-awareness, knowledge, and humor.

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  1. I suspect the reasoning is something like this: You show that the point he brings up is wrong. That implies that Nuckols is, shall we say, confused or in error. Hence you are criticizing his intelligence. Since you can only either criticize his point or his intelligence (and not both), and you are doing the latter it means that you weren't really criticizing his point. Therefore your objections are ad hominem, and can be summarily dismissed.