Monday, February 20, 2012

#301: Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent is currently a radio DJ who repeatedly promises to run for governor of Michigan, but used to be a rock guitarist who liked to shoot and kill things. According to himself he gets off on shooting “nature's surplus”, and he spoons with a bronzed copy of the Second Amendment. Nugent’s defense of handguns is not exclusively based on reason and evidence, however. Any restriction on handgun ownership stems, apparently, right from Mao. He is also a chickenhawk who avoided the Vietnam War by acting crazy. The act seems to have stuck.

He is on the record for displaying dissatisfaction with president Obama (and Hilary Clinton). You can see a video here. At least he places the blame where blame is due:Barack Hussein Obama did not sneak into power. An army of clueless, disconnected, ignorant Americans invited him to bring his Marxist, glaringly anti-American jihad into our lives”. Rick Perry predictably used the intellectually superior Nugent for his inauguration event as insane governor of Texas. It turned out something of a scandal when Nugent showed up dressed in a confederate flag and yelling deprecatory remarks at immigrants.

He endorses Sarah Palin, however, and as usual in his own breathtakingly delusional manner (proving in the process that he cannot distinguish politics and hagiography, which is a pretty dangerous handicap).

His position on global warming is, however, very sophisticated and informed by science: “Global warming is a fraud. Watch Glenn Beck."

If you like painful idiocy, you can watch Nugent discuss politics with the hardly better informed Roseanne Barr here.

Diagnosis: Unhinged troglodyte who displays the mental acuity and savviness of something that abiogenerated in a clogged drain. It is thoroughly sad that some people actually listen to his moronic screeds and take them seriously.


  1. I was once unfortunate enough, when I lived in Michigan, to eat breakfast w/ Ted 2 tables away.

    Natch, he was playing Mr Big in this smalltown diner. But what I really remember was the uncensored RACIST rants booming out of his mouth a mile a minute.

    When he left for Texas: GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

  2. That's not surprising. A few years back, Nugent scheduled to play a show at a festival in my hometown (also in Michigan), but the festival organizers cancelled his show after he made some rather revolting racist comments in a radio interview. Then Nugent sued the festival, and I believe he eventually got a nice settlement out of it. A really lovely fellow.

  3. Here's Ted Nugent endorsing Romney, and not without flamboyant insanity.

  4. Nugent blames the CT shooting on politically correct culture rather than anything that could even conceivably be considered a not entirely implausible mechanism. Easier that way.

    Here he is arguing that we should suspend the voting rights of any American who receives welfare. It is unclear whether it is because he doesn’t think they have a stake in the election results, or if it is because Americans on welfare don’t always vote the way Nugent wants them to vote, and it is equally unclear which of those two options would make Nugent emerge in a less nauseating light.

  5. If Uncle Ted ran for Govenor of Michigan I'd without a doubt vote for him. He would be the best thing that ever happened to this state that I call home. I personally have never met him but my dad has hunted with him a few years back and said nothing but great things about him. You people don't like him bc your democrats. He's a wise man and that's that..Jack!

  6. Nugent in context here (a list of crazy reactions to gun legislation).

  7. Here is Nugent arguing that schools are brainwashing kids to hate guns, a piece that displays the same level of penetrating intellect as his attempt to blame suicides in the Military on Obama.

  8. Though not particularly surprising or coherent, Nugent’s rants continue to be colorful. Perhaps it might suffice to get him elected for president next time around?

    It is at least clear to Nugent that people who hate Ted Nugent hate freedom and that Trayvon Martin “got justice”. So there.

  9. Here is Nurgent, noted for his impressive research record within Africana studies, claiming that “liberal Democratic slave drivers” have paved the way for “the destruction of black America” and are dishonoring the legacy of MLK. Most of the blame should clearly fall on "subhuman mongrel" Obama, who should get "just due punishment" for treason (and no, there's no connection between that claim and the Democrats' alleged dishonoring the memory of MLK).

    He did get in some trouble for the TV interview where he claimed to be both a local and federal law enforcement officer who goes on raids for the FBI, the U.S. Marshals and the DEA. That claim was, rather obviously, not verified.

  10. I'd like to ask him how come he's alive...he said he would be dead after Obama got re-elected in 2012.