Sunday, February 12, 2012

#297: Kurt Nimmo

Poor Kurt Nimmo. They are all out to get him. They are out to get us as well, and Nimmo is heroically putting himself in the line of fire to warn us. Even WorldNetDaily has debunked his warnings. For instance, when Obama called the H1N1 virus outbreak a “national emergency”, Nimmo was quick to point out what this meant: Martial law. “In the weeks ahead we may witness a move toward martial law, forced vaccination and internment of those who refuse". That it didn’t happen just proves that the government is toying with Nimmo, actively trying to undermine his credibility. For the concentration camps are surely there already, ready for use.

The first thing the government will do, is to take our guns, so that we cannot defend ourselves when they come to take us away. He has, according to his own reliable testimony, received lots of death threats from the Zionists who run the government (one wonders why they just don’t make him disappear). Though you wouldn't expect it given his love for blaming the Zionists, Nimmo’s favorite rhetorical gambit is Godwin.

Nimmo writes for InfoWars. That’s Alex Jones’s website. He also writes for That’s Jeff Rense’s website.

Diagnosis: The stuff paranoid militia groups are made of. Probably harmless, but whatever he suffers from is not.

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  1. Nimmo is in fact a chronically unemployed Neo-Nazi and Holocaust Denier. His last job was in a photo development booth at a Walmart. He writes poetry about his own hemorrhoids for which he won the prestigious Preperation H Award for Poetry! Really! See this:

    See also