Thursday, February 9, 2012

#294: William Nelson

In Pakistan, William “Bill” Nelson is known as “the Father of New homeopathy”. That ought to tell you all you need to know. According to his own bio, he was single-handedly responsible for saving the Apollo 13 astronauts and has been nominated to the Nobel price several times. According to himself, he is also the author of “Promorpheus”, the “most technical and mathematical treatise on life process [sic] existing”. He is, in other words, mad as a hatter.

According to one gullible biographer (Herb Stockman, and actually written in comic sans), “Dr. [nope] Nelson has been one of the most prolific lecturers and writers on the subjects of quantum biology, energetic medicine, homeopathy, alternative medicine, and the entire field of naturopathy,” and “[p]rofessor Bill Nelson has invented this amazing technology using bio-resonance to safely and effectively induce the necessary changes required to reverse the stages of disease and create balance of mind, body and spirit.” Quackwatch says this about his credentials. Stockman’s webpage is here. He is a certified biofeedback therapist.

Unfortunately, according to Nelson himself there is a conspiracy against Nelson (government, FDA, science, doctors, publishers, reality and sanity are among the culprits). You can read more here (this is mostly compiled from his own words).

He is most famous for inventing the idea of “Quantumbiofeedback”. After lawsuits related to the invention, Nelson fled the US and is currently living in Budapest. He has reportedly at least two verifiable deaths on his conscience. He has also invented the “Quantum Prayer Wheel”. I doubt it needs an explanation, but Jenny McCarthy actually tried to market that one during her indigo child phase. It was sold with the disclaimer “The Quantum Prayer Wheel is not a Medical Treatment. This program does not provide subscribers with any form of Therapy, Counseling, Medical Treatment or Diagnosis. If you think you have a medical condition, please see your doctor. The QPW is a spiritual technology using advanced mathematics, fractals and prayers.”

I also recommend readers to look at this list of harm directly caused by woo and superstition. It’s scary. This one is on Nelson in particular.

Diagnosis: Gibbering lunatic, and dangerous - reportedly to the extent of being responsible for people's deaths.

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