Monday, February 2, 2015

#1278: Paul Yanick

Paul Yanick Jr. is the president of the American Academy of Quantum Medicine (AAQM), which is said to “promote the study of the bioelectrical and bioresonance systems and subsystems in the human body with the purpose of correlating appropriate therapeutic protocols that promote the human body’s own self-healing and self regeneration capacities.” In other words, no. No address is registered for the AAQM, except that it’s a “Nevada, tax exempt organization”. The organization is discussed here.

Another website presents Yanick as “an expert in the emerging [i.e. imaginary] field of Quantum Medicine, with over thirty years of extensive clinical experience.” He is also “a board-certified naturopath,” and a “CNC”, which stands for “Certified Nutritional Consultant,” a worthless crackpot certification issued by the American Association of Nutrition Consultants (described in some detail here). Indeed, he is also a “C.Q.M.,” which seems to mean “certified in quantum medicine,” and is probably issued by himself.

So what is quantum medicine supposed to be? According to Yanick’s book, Quantum Medicine, he “has brought together multidisciplinary research with the insights of quantum physics [i.e. mixed quantum physics, of which he shows no evidence of having the faintest understanding, with woo and quasi-theological musings] to show that the human body is controlled and regulated by the human energy system,” i.e. chi. According to naturopath Stephen Linsteadt, “[t]he quantum level possesses the highest level of coherence within the human organism [try to explain what that could possibly mean]. Sick individuals with weak immune systems or cancer have poor and chaotic coherence [ditto] with disturbed biophoton cellular communication. Therefore, disease can be seen as the result of disturbances on the cellular level that act to distort the cell’s quantum perspective [a metaphor; do you wanna bet whether it’s cashed out?]. This causes electrons to become misplaced [unexplained] in protein molecules and metabolic processes become derailed [not further explained] as a result.” Accordingly, the “quantum naturopath recognizes that quantum coherence provides the fundamental resonance communication system of the body,” though as the claim is not even close to being meaningful it is unclear what they are said to recognize. Nevertheless, all “quantum naturopathic therapies must, therefore, be aimed at re-establishing cellular resonance. Quantum naturopaths are experts in bio-energetic nutrition with an emphasis on providing adequate defenses for free radical damage and re-establishing the body’s bio-electric communication system by detoxifying the connective tissue matrix.” And that is probably among the most densely concentrated bullshit we have ever read. But the upshot is that “quantum medicine” practitioners have invented a nonexistent “energy system” to peddle products and procedures to their clients.

Among such products are Quantum Energy Foods, which are said to “provide the body with a synergistic array of thousands of known and unknown antioxidants, nutrients and powerful nutraceutical compounds that keep the body healthy against the ill effects of today’s high levels of pollution and stress” and the products of NutraSpectrum, a dietary supplement manufacturer (not, apparently, the current owner of that website) whose “quantum nutrition products” allegedly “integrate Oriental medicine, Ayurveda, homeopathy, European and native American herbology, naturopathic medicine, and the latest advances of quantum physics and nutritional biochemistry.”

Diagnosis: Hard to believe Yanick’s just a loon, but there is some reason to think he actually believes most of the hogwash he peddles. His claims on behalf of his products and services are at least characterizied by their low count of claims that counts even as being meaningful – words borrowed from science are strung together in apparently arbitrary order.

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  1. Judging by his picture, though, you have to admit he does LOOK like he knows what he's talking, just saying...