Sunday, February 22, 2015

#1295: Christopher Adamo

Christopher Adamo writes for Renew America (that’s Alan Keyes’s outlet), and he writes precisely what you’d think people associated with Alan Keyes’s outlet would write – for instance that gay rights, reproductive rights and public schools are ruining America and eviscerating morality. According to Adamo “the whole liberal advocacy of abortion and ‘gay rights’ has never been about elevating human dignity, but about collapsing the nation’s cultural and moral foundation,” and “the entire same-sex ‘marriage’ movement has as its ultimate purpose the destruction of traditional marriage, which would erode and diminish its historical role as a staunch mooring of civilization.” Yes, if you disagree with something, the people behind the views you disagree with always have an evil agenda. To bolster the claim, he argues that public schools are a government conspiracy to make people dependent on government, that abortion is simply about making money, and that Occupy Wall Street is hypocritical because it is destroying the environment with its “filth and squalor”. Meanwhile our Constitutional freedom from religion is jeopardized by the "bogus" separation of church and state promoted Marxists who want a more "Darwinian" system. That kind of guy.

Diagnosis: Yeah, that kind of guy. Our Encyclopedia is already filled with them, and Chris Adamo is, frankly, small fish. But he is still that kind of guy, and that kind of guy deserves to be exposed for their combination of stupidity and bigotry.

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