Saturday, February 7, 2015

#1282: Doug Yurchey

A.k.a. Tray Caladan

Doug Yurchey (or Tray Caladan – pretty sure they’re the same person) writes for the blog at, a website devoted to claiming that mysteries easily explained by science are unexplainable, that History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series consist of actual documentaries (and just the tip of the iceberg of what there is to discover), and pretty much supporting any piece of pseudo-history, pseudo-archaeology, conspiracy theory and woo known to mankind. Of course, the people at the website are just “exploring” alternative theories, but you know. A recurring topic on the blog is the existence of out-of-place artifacts and the purported existence of advanced civilizations before any of the known civilizations, as well as UFOs. It is for instance, inconceivable to some of these people that ordinary humans could have built all those ancient constructions such as the pyramids – despite the notable lack of sophisticated engineering that went into said constructions – and Yurchey has suggested that “the ancient constructions were done with anti-gravity … powerful lasers and super-computers.” Instead of, you know, workers forced to pile stones on top of each other in what are, architectonically, essentially big heaps of rock.

And the usual story is that brave maverick scientists have learned the hard way that disagreeing with the majority and finding out new things – which is how scientists get to develop careers in the real world – that don’t fit with established dogma or government interests are persecuted rather than, you know, wrong and usually prevented from publishing or obtaining research grants because they are amazing crackpots with no science background or understanding of science and no workable ideas whatsoever. According to world-mysteries there is, in fact, something of a skeptical inquisition going on; the powers that be require evidence and experiments, which is very oppressive to pseudo-scientists who just want to make things up (the website’s Rochus Boerner cites cold fusion and objections to relativity by obscure crackpot internet bloggers who prefer ether theories as examples of such oppression; that none of the people cited have any experiments to back up their claims won’t ruin a good conspiracy theory for Boerner).

Anyways, Doug Yurchey is one of their recurring writers, and he seems to be able to meet the website’s standards for “expertise” on a lot of topics. He has written extensively about the Philadelphia Experiment, the Moon Landing hoax (and the murder of Stanley Kubrick, who directed the movie documentation of the moon landing). Among his more recent articles, this one is rather priceless: yes, Yurchey (or Caladan) argues that … “the colorful characters and strange events Tolkien gave the world in his epics were NOT figments of his wild imagination; they were REAL!” That’s right. In The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien is really writing up the real history of the world that he had discovered in ancient Finnish texts, and which had been suppressed by the powers that be (Yurchey seems to have the idea from Jay Weidner, whom we have encountered before), though the story really involved aliens and archons … archons? Oh, yeah – those. “Do the RINGS (and its Lord) really refer to Saturn’s rings?” asks Yurchey, and we all know what answer he wants to give. At least we have plenty of evidence for trolls and orcs; “ancient bones of human-like creatures from a range of 9 feet to over 50 feet have been unearthed, often.” But they have been suppressed by the powerful archaeological elite. Yurchey doesn’t try to explain why.

And not only are The Lord of the Rings real. The Hunger Games are real as well; the films “show the unaware public a theatrical play or representation of what has been actually occurring in secret enclaves.” His evidence? “Why wouldn’t the real elite that run the planet just LOVE the Hunger Games? New World Order obviously financed the series. Examine posters for film #2 ‘Catching Fire.’” You see there is a sun in one of them; and fire. “These are all Illuminati themes.”

Of course, Yurchey is only one among many who have contributed to the website. Among recent articles here, for instance, you can read Will Hart trying to claim that the 2012 prophecies are, in fact, still basically correct. In 2014. And here, one Dan Green tries to connect remote viewing to psychic intuition with what he considers to be empirical evidence (hint: it is not empirical evidence). Meanwhile, the title of William John Meegan’s article “Astrology’s Universal Paradigm” doesn’t need any further explanation. And Leonardo Rubino’s “scientific” paper “Numbers are not questionable: the sound of the universe” purports to show that “the Universe is a sound of a given frequency.” It did, apparently, not pass the peer review in serious astronomy journals, which is further evidence for oppression and conspiracy.

Diagnosis: So there you go. Some would perhaps argue that there are some important distinctions in basic critical thinking that Yurchey and his associates sometimes have trouble drawing properly. And come to think of it: Yes, indeed, could there be? We’re just asking questions.  


  1. What the HELL? 1282!! I'm much higher up on the Loon List than 1282! I'm insulted! Surely there isn't 1000 people crazier than I am? My associates? Who has associates? No one is helping me here: I am on Yurchey Island...and it's Tray Caladan, baby! Get with the program ~

    1. hmm...not even extended the courtesy of a reply...speaks volumes regarding the character of g.d...god

  2. and another are not 'just asking questions.' WE ARE! You're the one with the closed mind that's made up; trying to prove a negative like...there's no aliens in the universe; there's no such thing as the paranormal. You have the logic of a child, a simple debunker or a religious zealot, an un-scientist who is NOT looking for answers to mysteries like we 'loons' are...YOU ALREADY KNOW; you're not interested in looking. You have an Agenda. We, who question tradition and the status quo, do not. We few go where the evidence takes us and that is NOT to the conclusion: Nothing's going on. OR, you are're a fed...whose job better be to snuff Truth and implant bull to the public. So we wave our Freak flag with pride...great people of truth have been murdered because they served that truth rather than serving the corrupt State which lives on LIES. WE question the governments and the do not. Someone here is truly the LOON...guess who that is?