Saturday, February 28, 2015

#1301: Ché Ahn

Ché Ahn is the head pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California, United States, president of the board of directors for The Call, central member of the New Apostolic Reformation and author of plenty of books with “love” in the title to try to convince himself and others that he is anything but the hateful bigot he in fact is. Ahn is a a vocal proponent of Seven Mountains Dominionism, co-founded The Call with Lou Engle, and was an official endorser of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s The Response prayer rally.

He is also – but of course – a staunch opponent of LGBT equality, saying that even if same-sex marriage became legal in the United States it will never be justifiable in the same way laws that didn’t consider African Americans citizens were illegitimate, which is one of the most bizarre comparisons made in the history of the Universe, but to Ahn means that America needs to confront gay marriage as it confronted slavery. According to Ahn, LGBT equality “is not a civil rights issue” because they never had “rights taken from them.” He also took some credit for Proposition 8: It passed partially as a result of his prayers, apparently.

Diagnosis: Hysterically monstrous madman; the kind of thing that makes Sauron seem almost reasonable.

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