Sunday, April 5, 2015

#1336: Dean Bailey

“Ex-gay” and anti-equality activist Dean Bailey is probably a minor figure overall, but he is associated with Peter LaBarbera, and is the author of the book Beyond the Shades of Gray: Because Homosexuality is a Symptom, Not a Solution, which even the blurb states is based on a (cherry-picked) literal reading of the Bible. It is hence unclear why it needed to be written – it is not that Bailey has anything new to offer – but I suppose he wished to add his voice to the noise. In any case, Bailey is, as mentioned, an “ex-gay” who has allegedly overcome his sinful proclivities and is currently very, very opposed to gays and homosexuality. To give you an example: In February 2014 Bailey raged over the fact that Google used rainbow colors for an Olympic theme, which according to Bailey is “homo-fascism.” Right. According to Bailey “the practice of sport is a human right,” and by not denouncing the disgusting homosexuals who “openly, publicly flaunt their sexuality, nudity, and every kind of immoral behavior imaginable,” Google is discriminating against Bailey. Yeah, that’s the line.

Diagnosis: Fuming bigot, whose hatred is so overwhelming that he is seemingly unable to hold a coherent thought for any amount of time. The results are rather predictble. We have some pity; but he still gets an entry.

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  1. Having had a look down his Twitter, I can completely agree. He uses the word Homofascism a bit and i'm trying to piss him off.