Monday, April 6, 2015

#1337: Larry Bailey

Larry Bailey is the founder of Special Operations Speaks, one of many groups dedicated to attacking Obama on military issues based on a variety of conspiracy theories. Bailey is also a birther, claiming that Obama’s real father is Frank Marshall Davis, and that Obama was groomed by the powerful US communist lobby to take over the reins to implement communism in the US. At least Bailey “admits freely that [his] extensive efforts to mobilize special operations veterans and their supporters around the country is rooted in his personal dislike of the president and [his] desire to see him replaced.” He has already produced ads accusing Obama of leaking sensitive information, and is involved in promoting various conspiracy theories related to Benghazi based largely on thoroughly debunked delusions promoted by Fox News.

Bailey was also involved in Vietnam Vets for Truth, a 2004 campaign affiliated with the infamous Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth, and helped organize a “Kerry Lied” rally on Capitol Hill.

Diagnosis: Very much a predictable, conspiracy theorist who would be laughed out of the room by any rational person – yet his rantings tend to show up also in more influential spreaders of bullshit spreaders like Fox News or Frank Gaffney because it serves their needs. As such, his is a name to watch.


  1. More options for the b's

    Tom Blumer (an astonishingly partisan "economist" whose views on economic health depend not on trends, but whether or not a Republican or a Democrat controls the White House; denied the existence of the Great Recession as late as April 2009 (businesses were just "going Galt" in response to Obama's "socialism"); also freaked out and screamed "liberal bias" on a newspaper who reported accurately on anti-abortion Dr. John Willkie and his nonsense on how raped women can't get pregnant upon Willkie's death)
    Eric Bolling (quite possibly the dumbest pundit in the mainstream media right now, which is really saying quite a lot)

  2. Of course, the birthers who claim that Frank Marshall was Obama's real father are shooting themselves in the foot as Marshall was a US citizen. If there claims were true, Obama was not only born in the US but both his parents were US citizens.