Monday, April 27, 2015

#1352: Jon Barron

At Baseline of Health® Foundation and Baseline Nutritionals you will be able to purchase “nutritional” products, including “health drinks”, herbal tinctures and a detox program, created by Jon Barron. Barron claims to have discovered “a revolutionary herbal manufacturing breakthrough that makes herbal tinctures 100–200% stronger than previous extraction techniques,” though won’t, of course, reveal the secret method he uses to produce them – this is marketing, not research – but asserts that it involves a paradigm shift, scalar energy, healing energy frequencies, and Kirlian photography. He named his discovery after himself: the Barron Effect®.

Some of his discoveries are covered in his book Lessons from the Miracle Doctors, and Barron is on the Medical Advisory Board of the Health Sciences Institute, which is devoted to “the most urgent advances in modern underground medicine,” i.e. the kind of medicine that Big Pharma won’t recognize because they couldn't ... possibly make any profit on it? Oh, those mean scientists and their rigor! They have failed to endorse Barron’s observations that cancer cells “are almost without exception, low voltage cells,” that low voltages are the cause of cancer, and that reenergizing them (whatever that means) can thus stop cancer. It would probably take someone who knows anything about the field a book to unravel and disentangle the misunderstandings and stupidity that go into a single sentence of Barron’s description.

Barron also offers vaccine advice. Vaccines are unsafe, says Barron, because they are poisoning our children with mercury, even though they don’t contain mercury. Though Barron has no expertise in any relevant fields, he has products; for autism, he wants to chelate the mercury (which isn’t there, and wouldn’t have been the cause of autism in any case) out of you. Which is, needless to say, not a very good idea.

Diagnosis: Apparently something of an Andrew Weil wannabe. Impact unclear, but whatever it is, it sure isn’t good.

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