Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#1353: Jay Bartlett

A.k.a. “Rescuer”

Jay “Rescuer” Bartlett is a member of the deliverance ministry movement, and maintains the website MinisteringDeliverance.com.

Among his main target groups are people who clearly suffer from mental illnesses, whom Bartlett can convince are in need exorcisms (rather than professional help); that is, Bartlett does apply terminology associated with dissociative identity disorder, but interprets these in light of the Bible and claims that “broken pieces can be demonized and locked up by the enemy” and can also “possess animal spirits” (for references, go here). That’s the framework for some very strange, and very scary ideas and actions.

Bartlett has, according to himself, met people who have cursed objects “within their body nature” due to the workings of Satanic cults (“this ancient practice of infusing individuals with cursed objects is becoming more common in recent years;” decline of America, remember). In an exorcism he apparently performed on a woman who “possessed, within her body nature, two literal animals – parts of animals that the cult spiritually surgically placed within her belly. One was a part of a lizard, it’s tail, scales, and fragements of it's skin. These pieces of the lizard were cursed and placed inside of her. There was another animal part within her also, a rabbit's foot, that had been cursed and placed within her stomach area.” Yes, he is talking about objects being literally implanted in people’s bodies, albeit through magical means: “The animals were literal animal parts – I even saw them being expelled out via the mouth.” he says. Objects he has allegedly removed during spiritual surgery include a small motor, a fetus, detection devices, and live “demon-animal hybrids.”

Apparently he is currently being threatened and followed by cults, drug cartels and pornography rings for sharing this information. His bizarre involvement with someone named “Tina” is described here, and may be of interest to the authorities.

Diagnosis: Needs help. Quickly. 


  1. you are gonna be the loon at the end of your life when you die and stand before God with Jesus Christ as your savior. i pray you actually revive DELEVERANCE YOURSELF. i have witnessed many people set free from demonic oppression at Jays sessions. he dosent even charge people. I bet if you went you would be manifesting demons right away!!!!!!!!! lol

    1. No, you're the loon here, as you're clearly mentally ill.

    2. Abd no, you haven't. The only demons you've ever seen were the ones in your hallucinations. What you HAVE seen, however, is other mentally ill folks getting abused by a cult leader that isn't any more sane than you looney tunes.

  2. What I see is a web blog without any personal profile or credentials that is dedicated to attacking public figures. This is why internet information needs to be read and filtered with discernment as there are too many one sided perspectives out there.