Friday, July 3, 2015

#1404: Donald Boys

It beggars belief (well, not really), but Donald Boys was once an Indiana lawmaker. Currently, he is a columnist for Barbwire, Matt Barber’s website for people who seem to be too extreme, hateful and hysterically insane for Alan Keyes’s Renew America. As with most of Barbwire’s columnists, Boys has an unhealthy obsession with sex, especially male sex, and he has even lobbied the Indiana Congress to recriminalize sodomy. According to Boys “sodomy should be a crime again to give police officials authority to stop the cruising in city parks, sex in public restrooms, and discourage molesting of little boys” – Boys is apparently unaware that the latter is already illegal and discouraged, even in states that recognize gay marriage. And furthermore, homosexuals want much more than to be left alone: “They want respectability. They want to move into a house in the suburbs, park matching Volvos in the driveway and be accepted as normal people.” Yes, they want to be treated as people. Which to people like Boys is apparently preposterous: “[T]hat won’t happen as long as Christians live in this state,” said Boys. As expected, Boys has received some criticism, which apparently left him non-plussed; for the crime of sodomy he “only suggested 12 years in prison as had been the law for many years,” no more. Clearly criticizing him is an example of persecution of those with different beliefs and values.

Apparently “President Obama committed political suicide when he climbed in bed with the homosexual crowd (figuratively, I hope).” The polls don’t suggest that, so what does Boys have in mind when he says that “now it is official, and that could be dangerous for Obama and America” if not public opinion? But of course: “God is not pleased and it is a dangerous thing to displease a sovereign, holy God! Look at Sodom!” Ah yes, Boys’s buddy is gonna beat up Obama and those who disagree with him.

Here is Donald Boys on Michael Sam’s kiss. Predictable; but it is worth noticing that Boys never said that “anyone with a modicum of decency stop watching ESPN and NFL games” when NFL players beat up their girlfriends on camera, murder, rape, drive drunk and so on. Priorities, people. “The homosexual leaders are the most vile, vicious, and vitriolic people in the world.” You can’t think of anyone worse, can you?

It is worth noting that Boys rose to (a modicum of) fame not for his views on homosexuals, but for imploring the Bush administration to nuke Mecca and Medina, mostly because he didn’t discern sufficient lamenting and resentment over terrorist acts in the images television chose to broadcast from Arabic countries after 9/11.

He doesn’t like evolution either. Evolution “denies science,” as he carefully explained in his lecture “A Christian Apologist Challenges New Atheists to Put Up or Shut Up! A Revealing Lecture Exposing New Atheists and Their Agenda.” Even the title reveals rather clearly that Boys doesn’t have the faintest idea about evolution. Or science. But that should hardly surprise anyone at this point.

Diagnosis: Persistently wrong Bryan Fischer wannabe. Completely out of touch with reality or humanity, but probably of limited influence.

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  1. Would it surprise you to learn he’s a rape apologist?