Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#1414: Thomas Brewton

A.k.a. The Intellectual Conservative

Honorable mention to James Brewship for his self-published book Heaven’s Tablet, a novel whose press release was titled: “The Beginning of God: Explosive New Novel Describes God’s Origin, Challenges Darwin” (it was issued by PRWeb, which “gets your news straight to the search engines that everyone uses, like Google, Yahoo and Bing”). He’ll get a separate entry once his ideas have succeeded in overturning the oppressive scientific establishment.

Thomas Brewton may not be a household name yet, either, but his use of the word “intellectual” to describe himself is sufficiently provocative to earn him an entry. Brewton is a creationist, and he rejects the theory of evolution because, well, primarily because he has no idea how it is supposed to work. According to Brewton “[i]n Darwin’s evolutionary hypothesis, and in the many variants since 1859, the fundamental thrust, indeed the starting point for Darwin himself, was to disprove what he called the ‘damnable doctrine’ of God as the Creator of the cosmos and of life on earth,” which is demonstrably false but rather telling. “All events, for the evolutionists, are attributable to material causes, without the intervention of a Creator existing before and outside the universe,” he continues, which has nothing to do with the theory of evolution, but which does predict what his main strategy is going to be: confuse evolution and abiogenesis. And, indeed: “For evolution to stand on its own two feet, Darwinians must be able to explain how life was created by purely material factors. This they singularly fail to do. And without a materialistic beginning of life, there can be no purely materialistic, Darwinian evolution of life forms.” Which is, once again, absolute, utter nonsense. Nor does he really have any idea about actual research into abiogenesis, of course. According to Brewton “[e]very theory attempting to explain the origin of life has collided with contradictory facts in chemistry and geology,” which is … wait for it … not correct.

Diagnosis: You’d think we’d grown accustomed by now, but this really is the kind of intellectual bankruptcy that still manages to annoy us. 


  1. Conflating abiogenesis and evolution is a common creationist misconception.

  2. Had to look it up. The 'damnable doctrine' referred to the existence of Hell, not the existence of God.