Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#1408: Patrick Brady

Yet another WND columnist, and Maj. Gen. Pat Brady is as clueless and loony as they come. Brady, of course, knows nothing about the Constitution and history, so it should surprise no one that he says a lot of stupid shit about both with complete confidence. A case in point is his argument that there is “overwhelming constitutional evidence” that flag burning should be illegal (what does “overwhelming constitutional evidence” even mean, you might ask, and you can be sure not to get a coherent answer from Brady). The separation of church and state, however, is a “constitutional fraud,” according to Brady, who is – again – as blithely oblivious to everything related to law, history and the Constituion as he is confident in his opinions. The fact that judges disagree with him he attributes to “judicial insanity”.

Nor does he like gays (surprise). Indeed, Brady will, he says, no longer recommend people to enlist in the military because of too much gay “dancing and romancing”. All thanks to Obama’s “insanity”.

Diagnosis: Yup, Maj. Gen. Brady is gonna show you insanity, all right.


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    1. Sure. You know avoiding those roadside bombs and snipers in Iraq and Afghanistan.