Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#1468: Kim Clement

Kim Clement is a self-declared prophet who hosts a show on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, which he uses to broadcast … well, fundamentalist tripe. A good example is this rant (from February 2014) about how God is telling him that in the next week he will raise up a Godly man to “kill the giant of socialism” and “kill the giant of human secularism,” and battle Satan who is “doing everything in his power to put a witch in the White House.” In particular, Satan will “put a witch in the White House” who will advance the demonic spirit of “Jezebel,” and can only be stopped by a socialism-slaying politician. No, we have no idea whether these are the same prophecies or different ones or whatever. They nevertheless give you a fascinating glimpse of the mess that is the mind of Kim Clement.

Clement is also the President and CEO of Prophetic Image Expressions, and apparently “a singing prophet,” but we couldn’t really care to find out much more about that aspect of his mission. The website nibiruplanetx.info, however, claims that Clement is a false prophet because he has earlier admitted that he might be wrong about things, which apparently is a deadly sin and means you are in league with Satan to the contributors to a website named after Zechariah Sitchin’s Nibiru.

Diagnosis: Good, ol’-fashioned addle-brained fire-and-brimstone idiot. He seems to have an audience, but we doubt he’s creating many new converts for his battle against sanity.


  1. One of my favorite idiots to watch. Plays piano and does rambling 'readings' as his 'services.'

  2. Prophet Climate the Most trusted name in Prophecy. He sees the invisible, he hears the inaudible, he deals with impossible he can read and see the future like.

    1. I'm pretty sure this is spam, but I couldn't not post it either. It's ... something.